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Gay Cruising A2

Many gays love them: the classic parking lots, without a lot of frills, that invite you to cruise and have anonymous sex. The A2 has several of these exciting locations to offer. Those who are on the road here and spontaneously feel like having sex, should accordingly get their money's worth. But which gay cruising places on the A2 are actually particularly popular?

Basically, of course - as so often - your very personal taste decides your individual favorite.

Most gay cruising parking lots on the A2 are aimed at gay men who love the classic-authentic cruising feeling and, for example, like to have sex behind toilet stalls, bushes and the like. A little secluded, however, you also have the opportunity to enjoy nature with all its facets.

Gay cruising near the A2 - it's especially fun here

The A2 freeway is known for the fact that you can have sex here both in parking lots and at the lake. Among others, the Silbersee in Langenhagen and the Schulenburger Südsee are located in "justifiable car proximity".

So if you don't feel like having sex at rest stops or near parking lots, it's no problem to switch to a more natural environment.

Both types of location play out their very special advantages and are well visited - not only in the summer months. Especially in the early evening hours and at night there is usually always something going on here.

Who do you meet when cruising along the A2?

The A2 is a comparatively well-known, large and accordingly well-traveled highway.

Among others, truckers, businessmen and gays from numerous age groups stop here to "stretch their feet a bit" and perhaps take the chance for various sex adventures.

The classic "A2 Cruiser" does not exist. The people you will meet here while cruising are as diverse as the scene itself. If you want, you can of course arrange to meet at the appropriate places, for example at the Börde rest area. Especially practical: the parking lot at said rest area is comparatively large, so there should definitely be no parking problems.

What should you keep in mind when cruising along the A2?

The region around the A2 is particularly popular when it comes to spontaneous sex. However, since there are numerous winding corners here where you can have fun with like-minded people, it makes sense to keep your eyes open.

Maybe the chance for a sex adventure only arises at second glance, because your (at least temporary) "Mr. Right" is already waiting behind the next bush?

With regard to sex at the Börde service area, if you don't find what you're looking for on one side, there's nothing to stop you from trying out the other side. Just get into the car, take the next exit and get back on the highway on the other side. Interested in gay cruising on the A20?