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Gay cinema Berlin

Berlin is one of the cities in Germany that is characterized by a particularly - in the truest sense of the word - "colorful" scene. Gays who want to cruise or visit a gay cinema here are confronted with a particularly wide selection.

Whether largely central or a little out of the way, everyone is likely to get their money's worth here. While some gay cinemas in Berlin have focused on a particularly modern décor, others prefer to celebrate the traditional, slightly wicked image of these cinemas.

Whichever gay cinema you choose, the chances of you quickly forgetting your visit are slim.

Gay cinemas in Berlin - a wide selection of locations

The special flair of the capital is also reflected in the associated gay or sex cinemas. Here, for example, in the LSD Center Kantstraße or in XXL Berlin usually meet the most diverse characters.

Many gay cinemas offer not only a larger "cinema hall", but also additional booths, play areas, bars and so on. Especially practical: the operators of some locations have also decided to connect a (more or less) large sex store. So you can choose to be "inspired" first and then take home some toys.

Modern or classic? You have the choice

As already mentioned, some of the gay cinemas in Berlin differ significantly from each other. Many locations are accessible not only for gay singles and couples, but also for trannies, straights and co.

Some cinemas also offer the popular dark room areas for a very special, additional thrill.

If you are interested in a purely gay cinema, it makes sense to visit the gay cinema City Men Shop at Fuggerstraße 26. Here you can expect not only a large cruising area and a bar, but also gloryholes and reclining booths.

What should you keep in mind when visiting a gay cinema in Berlin?

A visit to a gay cinema in Berlin can help you get to know this particularly open, fun-loving city from a new, even more erotic side.

How "successful" your visit will ultimately be depends, of course, among other things, on whether the audience matches your taste. Therefore, it makes sense to find out in advance whether the hotspot of your choice is a location that is more likely to be visited by bears or twinks, for example.

If you want, you can also let yourself be surprised. Or in a pinch you can go to a gay cinema in Bern.