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Glory Hole Cologne

You have been to many sex parties in Cologne, but you are still looking for that "special kick"? Then it might be worth trying out a well-known classic of the gay scene: the Glory Holes.

Especially in modern sex cinemas and swingers club like KINO-HOLE and Hoehe-Punkt Cologne they have been standard for a long time. They are more than a trend, but are part of a fulfilling sex life for many gays (and for many straights, by the way).

If you are looking for such a hole in Cologne, you don't have to search long. Even if many gay saunas, gay cinemas and other relevant locations do not mention this on their pages, the probability that you will come across one (or more) glory hole(s) - especially in connection with the popular scene meeting places - is high.

Why are glory holes in Cologne so appealing?

Cologne's gay scene is known beyond the country's borders. So it's no wonder that men looking for that special kick at the Glory Hole, among others, get their money's worth here.

Due to the fact that the Cologne scene is also as diverse as the Sex & Gay Center , you will meet the most diverse types on the famous walls. However, you can't judge them visually, but only on the basis of their blowjob or sex qualities. A great way to prove to yourself that some things are more important than the first optical impression, right? Maybe your counterpart can convince you differently?

Which glory holes in Cologne are particularly worthwhile?

The locations in Cologne where glory holes are offered are as versatile as the scene itself. If you're in the mood for a particularly modern, dignified flair, it makes sense to look around especially at the gay saunas like Badehaus Babylon Cologne, Phoenix Sauna Köln and the well-known gay cinemas.

The corresponding locations are both in the center and a little outside and are almost always easily accessible by car or public transport. If you're really "just" into quick sex, you can also try your luck at some rest stops. There, many holes have been provisionally drilled between the toilet walls, so that a charming "Actually, that's forbidden!" - feeling should set in. -> Interested in Glory Hole Krefeld?