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Gay cinema Cologne

Hardly any other city in Germany is as famous for its gay scene as Cologne. Accordingly, it is not surprising that two gay cinemas, among others, regularly open their doors here.

Gay visitors here have a choice between the Kino-Hole in Höninger Weg and the Sex & Gay Center in Mathiasstraße. Both locations promise variety and the typical ambience that many gays associate with a successful visit to such a cinema.

But what should you actually look out for when visiting a gay cinema in Cologne? Who will you meet here? And which films are shown?

An audience as colorful as the scene

The Cologne gay scene is characterized, among other things, by its versatility. Anyone who enjoys a mix of action and sex here will get their money's worth. This is exactly what is reflected in the city's two gay cinemas.

Especially on the weekends, the crowd is mixed. From twinks to bears - just about every type of man seems to be represented here.

Accordingly, if you have a special preference, it can make sense to show up here especially at the times when gay cinemas are generally well attended. But even far away from these "peak times" you can often expect many surprises here.

Fun indoors and outdoors

The Kino-Hole is one of the most modern locations of its kind. It offers you a spacious indoor and outdoor area and many details that make a visit here - not only for gays - a real experience.

Among other things, heteros and bis are also welcome in this cinema. However, this gay cinema in Cologne is altogether more reminiscent of a kind of club than a classic cinema.

The offered atmosphere is characterized by a mix of movies and music, a bar area and an outdoor area.

The Sex & Gay Center is much smaller, but no less appealing. Here you have two cinema areas and a cruising area at your disposal. In addition, you benefit here from the good feeling of becoming part of a special tradition. Because: this gay cinema in Cologne has already existed for four decades and has always adapted to the needs and trends of the scene.

What should you keep in mind when visiting a gay cinema?

Basically, if you have found one (or more) partners with whom you can share your passion, you can almost always give free rein to your imagination in gay cinema. In addition, there are no fixed rules that say that you can visit the location, for example, only with your boyfriend or alone.

The two sex cinemas in Cologne are of course also very open to newcomers to the scene. No matter how much experience you have already gained, you should feel comfortable here.

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