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Glory Hole Berlin

Also in the capital Berlin, the trend around the Glory Holes is unbroken. Many sex cinemas, among others with attached sex store, have already integrated the erotic walls into their offer.

But even at private parties, many men can not escape the fascination of a blowjob "through the wall". The Berlin gay scene is comparatively open about sex and everything that goes with it at the Glory Hole.

What is special about Glory Hole Sex in Berlin?

Berlin's gay scene is very open-minded, but still relies on classics like the Glory Hole in its clubs, saunas and sex cinemas.

The reason for this is clear: It makes an incredible attraction not to know who is on the other side of the wall. Whether a blowjob or sex is then on the agenda is secondary for many. It's all about enjoying the special appeal of the unknown. In some cases, the said holes are also set up next to each other, so that visitors can watch each other - at least on their side.

Which glory holes in Berlin are the best?

Glory holes are offered in a wide variety of locations. While many operators of clubs and gay cinemas focus on a high level of cleanliness and hygiene, a different "atmosphere" awaits you at a glory hole at a rest stop.

This means: if you appreciate a cultivated ambience and other, additional offers, such as movies, saunas and Co., you should choose one of the numerous indoor locations with glory holes in Berlin. However, if you are into a little more "dirtyness", there is definitely one or the other resting place or flap where you can have your fun in Berlin.

How to find the right Glory Hole in Berlin

If you find it difficult to decide on one of the glory holes in Berlin, it is worthwhile to do a little research on the Internet beforehand. Questions such as "Is it important to me that gay men are among themselves here?" or "Do I want to enjoy other adventures besides the Glory Hole on site?" are the focus here.

This way, you automatically narrow down the selection a bit more. Last but not least, the numerous private parties also have their appeal. There you can also drop by to enjoy the Glory Hole flair in a smaller setting.-> continue to Glory Hole Bielefeld