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Gay sauna in Cologne everything at a glance

Cologne is not only known for its beautiful, eccentric and colorful CSD, but also for its large LGBTQ community. If you feel like cruising in a special way in the city on the Rhine, you can visit one of the three well-known saunas. Whether Sauna Vulcanus, the Babylon Cologne bathhouse or the Phoenix Sauna: it certainly won't be boring here.

Each gay sauna in Cologne is characterized by a very special flair. From "cozy" to "modern", everything is represented here. In addition, some additional offers, such as massages, provide even more variety.

One thing is certain: if you're in the mood for a very special cruising adventure, it's hard to get past the corresponding offers in Cologne.

From "cozy" to "modern

If you want to try your luck in a sauna that, among other things, is particularly often visited by "bears" and that exudes a cozy (yet sexy) charm, you are in good hands in the Vulcanus sauna. The rustic ambience creates a very special atmosphere. Here you will usually meet experienced gays who know exactly what they want. Especially here, however, this does not always mean that it is "only" about sex. Many visitors appreciate the fact that the guests here often feel like talking to each other... before it probably gets down to business.

Among other things, a generously designed outdoor area awaits visitors to the Cologne bathhouse. Especially in good weather, it's a great place to hang out before it gets hot inside - literally. Unlike the Vulcanus sauna, the average crowd here tends to be young. If you're looking for twinks, you're sure to find them here.

The Phoenix Sauna is characterized by a spacious design and appropriately laid out cruising areas. At the same time, you will also find one or two retreats from which you can watch the action from a distance.

Additional offers for the "perfect" relaxation

Of course, the gay saunas in Cologne have also realized that nowadays it takes more than classic cruising to stand out from the crowd of competitors. Therefore, you can often also book massages and co.

Note, however, that you should block the corresponding dates in advance, because the gay saunas in Cologne - especially on weekends - are often very busy.

Central and close to the scene - gay saunas in Cologne and their advantages

The well-known gay saunas in Cologne live not only from a convincing offer, but of course also from the openness of their visitors. Cologne gays love their city and often exude a flair - also in the context of theme parties, for example - that makes both experienced gays and newcomers feel at home.

Due to the convenient location of the three saunas, you should have no problems reaching them by public transport if you so choose. After all, the bars often offer delicious cocktails, so it would be idle to worry about the question "How do I get home?".


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