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Glory Hole Munich

The gay scene in the Bavarian capital has become more and more diverse over time. No wonder that there is now a wide range of gay cinemas and cruising opportunities. If you are in the mood for a very special kick, you can also visit one of the numerous glory holes.

In Munich, these have often been integrated into sex cinemas or gay saunas such as the Adel München and offer the chance to be pampered anonymously and imaginatively.

Why are glory holes in Munich so appealing?

Many gays associate glory holes not only with something erotic, but also something forbidden. Of course, it gets especially dirty when you discover such a glory hole at a rest area. With a little luck, there will be a trucker with similar intentions on the other side?

But of course you don't have to hang around rest areas for a little fun at the famous holes! Many stylish sex and erotic locations like Erotic World Munich have now integrated the glory holes into their offerings.

Which glory holes in Munich are particularly worthwhile?

As already mentioned, glory holes are standard in many sex locations in Munich. Especially in the better-known sex cinemas and gay saunas in the center of the city, you probably won't have to search long for the walls.

If you want to expand your glory hole fun a bit more, it makes sense to get a few more details. Because: depending on the setup (and hole position), it's not necessarily only possible to have fun standing up.

Many providers like the Beate Uhse Munich have reworked here properly, so that you can enjoy the blowjob or sex at the glory hole even more comprehensive.

A date at the glory hole?

Especially within the gay scene, glory holes - just like classic cruising at rest stops - stand for uncomplicated sex. But maybe you would like to visit such a glory hole with your partner? Whether you then want to swap partners is of secondary importance. One thing is certain: even within a committed relationship, this type of sex can provide a little more variety.

In addition, the Glory Holes are especially busy in the evening and at night. If you want to make sure that you can also get there quickly during the day, you can of course make an appointment in advance - optionally via the Internet.

Just look for the abbreviation "GH" in the corresponding chats. Maybe you will find a date who has time at short notice?

Feel like moving a little further to a glory hole near Munster?