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Glory Hole Hamburg

Anyone who has visited the Hanseatic city of Hamburg in the past knows that the term "cool north" is a prejudice. At least in erotic terms, this city has a lot to offer.

Accordingly, it is self-explanatory why Hamburg has not only many sex cinemas and swingers clubs, but also glory holes. These glory holes have always had a great attraction for the gay scene here. No wonder! After all, a visit to the famous walls usually almost always raises the question of who is on the other side.

Especially in the evening and at night, the glory holes in Hamburg are particularly well visited, so you certainly won't have to wait long in search of a suitable counterpart. However, if you choose a glory hole that has been integrated anyway - for example in the Mystery Hall - it will certainly not be boring during the day.

That's why it's worth visiting a glory hole in Hamburg

Especially near the Reeperbahn, sex is the order of the day. Many of the numerous clubs and pubs invite you to enjoy the "most beautiful secondary matter in the world" in many different ways - and also at the Glory Hole.

If you are a gay looking for a way to have fun here, it makes sense to put out feelers to the numerous gay venues like Sexy Angel.

These are visited by a wide variety of guys, from "hard" to "twink", so there's a good chance that you'll find a man who suits your taste. If you like, you can also enjoy the famous anonymity behind the wall. Are you really interested in what the guy who is currently spoiling you looks like? You decide.

Which glory holes in Hamburg are particularly popular?

As already mentioned, especially the Glory Holes, which are located near the Reeperbahn like the Erotixx Hamburg, are popular when it comes to having fun anonymously and spontaneously.

However, it would definitely be wrong to drag Hamburg's gay scene down to the Reeperbahn only. Also in the suburbs of the Hanseatic city there are some smaller locations, such as sex cinemas and swingers clubs, which have set up their glory holes in a certain area - often near the cruising area.


Hamelin the one or other glory hole