Sex cinema valley street Hamburg

Gay cinema Hamburg

The sex cinema in Hamburg not far from St. Pauli in Talstraße 8 is open 7 days around the clock.

For over 60 years there is this sex cinema in Hamburg in the old rate style. It is one of the oldest erotic porn cinema in all of Germany. In the 1960s opened the gates at Talstraße No. 8 and since then the hottest cinema in the Hanseatic city. As you can read from the reviews below, there is always a lot going on there, to continue to promote this, we are always happy to receive your feedback.

Sex cinema in Hamburg

The whole establishment is divided into 2 floors. In the basement the gay cruising takes place, who has no idea yet, can read up here. In the basement there is a so-called darkroom and sling room. These areas are separated by curtains. In the upper part of the Sex Kino Hamburg you will find the actual cinema. Without any exception, you are welcome to walk around completely naked. For this you can simply lock your things in the safe are. If you like it a bit more dim and dingy, you'll get your money's worth here!

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  1. Great porn cinema
    written by Lilo, onMay 24, 2021

    Have often jerked off together

  2. Naked and sexy
    written by Torben, onAugust 1, 2021

    Not necessarily clean, but you can get free lockers, get naked, beautiful Rumsauen also naked in the sales room to get around drinks, always kind of horny often weird guys also times good for yPeople who can be photographed in the process.

  3. older
    written by Rolf Thomßen, onOctober 2, 2021

    hi am 75 can i still go there

    1. Author Response
      From Julian written, onOctober 6 2021

      But of course you can still go to a sex cinema. Whether alone or in company. The fun of the most beautiful thing in the world is certainly waiting for you there

  4. Smegmalecker
    written by Volker Witt, onJanuary 4, 2022

    Have recently blown horny cock with nilla cheese was horny like again who has such a horny cock please report
    015251629709 WhatsApp contact

    Drink also NS

  5. Hello you horny
    written by Gerd, onJune 3, 2022

    Will soon times go there. Hope that I can blow a few cocks there. Am really swallow horny. Also stand on dirty tails with brown acorn would be horny

  6. The best place for you
    written by HUBERT VAN JOHANNES, onJuly 3, 2022

    This cinema is a relic and an evergreen, but also an absolutely cool place to experience exactly what you want to experience. It is the oldest sex movie theater and it is the one with the friendliest staff. These staff members are usually always in a good mood and you can't tell when the best time is, but you can say that it is definitely about those who go in there knowing that they like good sex. They know what sexuality they like and they know that they are willing to do for it. It is not the cleanliness in the sense of furniture but it is the cleanest Giacchino facility I have ever painted because it is cleaned every day in the morning and that from top to bottom would of course on good smell on decent bar and a bit of film stands that is wrong here it is about everyone may be as he is and everyone to be as he wants. Whether naked dressed old young in the big room or down in the basement in the darkroom in the sling or in the very dark whether I stand on jeans and guys or on some harder sex without rubber on sex with trannies and women and school call or whether I just like to show me naked that goes all in one point who simply say thought free run lets and a little the whole one chance gives the will determine that beside the rumors in the cellar that is only so in such stores therefore one goes there it is like an old building cellar one has a certain smell however without this not resist that will become happy and content

  7. Am on 23.07 to 26.07 in Hamburg
    written by Erwin, onJuly 10, 2022

    Am inexperienced, in such cinemas how do you make yourself noticed when it is so dark there, a 2 hole mare

  8. Hello
    written by Labs, onAugust 13, 2022

    I come from Schwerin and have read the application that makes me really curious what I do not understand with cabinets are only for the things or to go in me holes

  9. GAIL gail gail
    written by paul.siegrist, onSeptember 3, 2022

    Als ich 18 geworden bin. War ich am nächsten Tag in dieser Sauna. Ich war mit Freunden in den Ferien.
    Da ich aus Basel komme, hat mich das <angezogen. An der Kasse hat er mir erklärt, dass ich auch Nackt sein könne, was ich da erleben durfte war der absolut geile Hammer. Bin Rum gelaufen, da hat mich einer Angesprochen wen meinem alter. Er hatte einen guten, schönen Schwanz. Eine ganze Stunde hat er mich verwöhnt. Am Schluss wahr er ganz behutsam mit Gleitmittel in mich eingedrungen. So etwas habe ich noch nie erlebt, so einen schönen Figg. Das war ein tolles Erlebnis bei Euch. Komme wider.

  10. Unfortunately too many passives!
    written by Timm Thalau, onNovember 26, 2022

    The cinema is still well attended despite the corona-induced price increase. Although it was the first of its kind after the reform of paragraph 175a in 1969 and has not been significantly changed since then, it will probably also be the last surviving of this dying species. Who comes here wants to fuck, unfortunately, too often be fucked, so it needs patience for passives waiting for the Turkish or African stud, for stallions there is of course free choice for a quickie in between.
    Pigs must be naked, and so the dress code is naked. The lockers are guarded and free of charge. There is not much snacking, one at sees or feels! Fucked is bare and everyone no matter whether young or old, unkempt or disabled comes to the train, only the active halt faster!

  11. Active men only report
    written by Passive 40, onDecember 11 2022

    Search active gentlemen or man can meet there

  12. It's good the way it is!!!
    written by Simply-man, onDecember 14, 2022

    This cinema must remain as it is! I go there now for more than 25 years and have enjoyed except for very few moments, all visits! Who comes there, knows what he wants, and is not bothered by trifles!
    So.... continue so!!

  13. Search oldie for Wednesday morning
    written by Gabriel, onFebruary 25 2023

    Hello, dear moviegoers!
    Will definitely stop by!
    Since I come from further away, I would like to make sure that Wednesday mornings potential sex partners are in the cinema. So that I do not drive for nothing. Am 29, 173 / 70kg, sexy body, hairless, dark blond, blue eyes. My sensual sucking mouth spoils you passionately with pleasure until the end ... ... and my tight tight ass is fuckable. Prefer older, your appearance does not matter to me, only horny you must be!!!


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