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Glory Hole Hamelin

Hamelin is not only known for the Pied Piper, but also for its gay scene. Accordingly, no one should be surprised that you stumble across one or the other glory hole here.

Which variant(for example, indoors or outdoors) is best for you depends on your personal taste. In case you are into weather-independent sex in a rather protected setting, it is worthwhile to drop by the Novum, among others.

Do you like the slightly dirty atmosphere of a roadhouse? Then you'll be happy to know that no wishes remain unfulfilled here either. There are several restrooms along the highway that have been equipped with the famous holes.

Indoor Glory Hole for your passion

You will find the Novum in Hameln at Böcklerstraße 4. In addition to convenient parking and a correspondingly uncomplicated accessibility, you will also find Glory Hole and a spacious gay cinema with classic and new films, among other things.

The advantage of locations like these is that you are here in a protected atmosphere and do not have to hide from passers-by and co.

Outdoor Glory Hole in Hameln - partly real insider tips

Most outdoor glory holes can be found in parking lots and rest stops. Walls have often been erected in the adjacent wooded areas or holes have been drilled between WC cubicles.

Especially in the evening and at night there is a lot going on here. During the day, the situation is much more restrained, since you have to be careful of passers-by and the like.

If you do not want to search for a long time, it is advisable to arrange a date at a glory hole in advance. How practical that this way you can also increase the anticipation(for example, via messages in the chat)!

Remember: Always have enough rubber at the start!

Of course, this rule does not only apply in Hamelin. Rubbers have - fortunately - become a matter of course for most gays at the Glory Hole. No wonder! After all, there are few types of sex meetings that stand for as much anonymity as the glory hole dates.

Do you know where your counterpart is coming from? Where the guy is going? If you want to protect yourself and others, you shouldn't compromise, especially when it comes to condoms.

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