The Men's Heaven Sauna in Hamburg


Men's Heaven Sauna is for active fun, the perfect place. Whether in the steam room after the sauna session or in the dark room. At this gay sauna, the fun is guaranteed. On several levels, the fantasies are offered here plenty of opportunities to romp. However, the Finnish sauna also offers a place to go for those seeking relaxation. As already mentioned, fun is the main focus at Men's Heaven. That means a good cocktail from the gastronomic area may not be missing here. Alex and Jürgen are the masseurs of the house. The two men know what they are doing and will heat you up properly. On the spacious playground is definitely then again ensured that the gear stick is also vigorously grabbed.

Fun at Men's Heaven

As the name suggests. Men heaven! For the man who wants to come to his erotic pleasure. Here is the suitable place in the heart of Hamburg. The Steindamm is located in close proximity to the main station. Thus, it is within easy reach for anyone who, after a powerful fun visit, prefers to be brought home by public transport. Maybe you will find your next partner for Men's Heaven here with us, on Planet-Randy. Feel free to tell us about it.


Things are also heating up in the Dragon Sauna

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  1. sauna
    written by Heilmeir, onNovember 4, 2020

    wuderschön this sauna - definitely worth a visit in Hamburg


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