The KINO-HOLE with its magnificent indoor & outdoor area


The magnificent KINO-HOLE is an absolute paradise for gays, couples, singles and straights with a great indoor and outdoor area. There is also a large bar area where singles and couples can get to know each other. Thereby there is a great atmosphere with hot movies and great music, as well as drinks. Throughout the cinema you can find interesting glory holes, as well as booths to lock up. Likewise, there are large playgrounds where you can have a lot of kinky fun and give free rein to your lust. In addition, you can enjoy the sun, rest and party in the evening in the outdoor area of the KINO-HOLE.

The day ticket for men costs 14.00 €, for TS & TV 6.00 € and for couples it costs 10.00 €. MAN can leave the cinema without problems and re-enter without paying extra.

Opening hours:

Monday 10:00-24:00
Tuesday 10:00-24:00
Wednesday 10:00-24:00
Thursday 10:00-24:00
Friday 10:00-01:00
Saturday 10:00-01:00
Sunday 10:00-24:00



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  1. November visit
    written by Wolfi, onDecember 27, 2022

    Toilets pleasantly clean...drinks offer limited, but cheap...
    Audience partly very borderline in terms of manners...
    Especially southerners.
    If you do not expect anything special, you can kill a few hours for the entrance fee.

  2. Visit last year
    written by Wolf, onApril 20, 2023

    I have also noted positively that toilets are very clean.
    Audience below average in terms of manners, this applies more to the younger audience.
    Outside area suitable for sunbathing in nice weather

  3. Super awesome location, but....
    written by Oliver, onAugust 30 2023

    This was my first time at Kino Hole. It is a great location, which was furnished with great attention to detail. Cabins with flaps, play areas, darkroom, cinema, sucking stations, outdoor area, here no wishes remain unfulfilled.
    The films are really to get used to. Exclusively full professionals, who probably already had thousands on them and desperately and frantically try to pull off a show for the camera. This is anti-eroticism. No one has been watching such cheap junk for 20 years. There are great amateur films with real excitement, where you can see a swollen clit or real contractions during orgasm. I do not want to make any advertising here, but you only need to look for example the Erotik nebanan, there you will find a super horny selection.
    I would gladly pay more admission if really good films were purchased for it.

  4. Treffen für Frauen
    von Michael geschrieben, am 4. Februar 2024

    Wer hätte Lust auf einen Jungen gut gebauten Mann der 20 cm in der Hose habt.bitte nur Mädels meldet euch

  5. Widerlich
    von Dirk geschrieben, am 8. Februar 2024

    Komplett in türkischer Hand. Nicht zu empfehlen!


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