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Gay cinema Bern

In Bern there is definitely no shortage of opportunities to indulge in the fun of passion. Among other things, you can also enjoy gay cinema sex here. The cinema Corso Bern has become a popular place for the scene over time. However, here comes together not only the people who live in the city. Among others, many business travelers and tourists also drop by. The movie theaters are definitely not only the place to be on weekends. Even during the week you can gather here many exuberant adventures. But what should actually be considered when visiting the gay cinema in Bern? And who do you meet on site?

Couples, singles and co. - the audience in Bern is broadly based

The gay scene in Bern is comparatively open. That no one is excluded here, you will notice, among other things, that both couples and singles cruise together. Accordingly, it will certainly not be boring.

Among other things, there are also many types from different areas of the scene. There are BDSM lovers, role play, fetishists, etc.. In short, the probability that you will meet a man who shares your preferences is high. That's exactly what you can see, among other things, in the varied range of films on offer. Whether new or classic flicks: there is always something going on on the big screen.

Playground or cabin?

The gay cinema in Bern is aimed at both "beginner visitors" and "advanced guests". Here, for example, you can freely decide whether you prefer to have your fun in a particularly "open-hearted" way on one of the playgrounds or in one of the halls or in a cabin. You can give your erotic imagination free rein here - as long as all parties involved agree, of course.

What is special about a visit to a gay cinema in Bern?

When you visit a gay cinema in Bern, you clearly benefit from a high quality standard and the advantages of a particularly open and friendly scene. Even newcomers are usually received as if they already belong "forever". Locations like Kino Corso Bern have definitely managed to make a big contribution to the fact that cinemas of this kind have risen in reputation within the scene. If you have any questions, you can of course always contact a staff member on site.

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