The popular cruising parking lot Kolberg at the A2

Parking Kolberg

The Kolberg parking lot on the A2 freeway is located in Bönen and offers everything for the perfect stop. It has countless parking spaces for commuters, cars and truckers. In addition, the parking lot offers a public toilet and comfortable benches to rest and relax. It also has small green areas where you can stretch your legs after a long drive.

However, gay and bisexual men prefer to meet here in the Kolberg parking lot. Because throughout the day countless cruising lovers meet here who are on it to have fun without restraint. Especially at the end of the day and on weekends there is the most traffic. In addition, people like to cruise here on the toilets, the benches or in and on the car itself.


Visit the Emscherpark, it is also worthwhile to cruise.

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