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Gay parking sex

When you think of gay parking lots, you often inevitably think of hot sex. And indeed: there are quite a few parking lots where it gets really hot even on cold winter days. But what is actually special about gay parking lot sex? And why is it exactly the mix of anonymity and prohibition that turns so many guys on?
One thing is certain: You can enjoy gay parking lot sex in many different ways, but you shouldn't get caught.

When is gay parking lot sex the most fun?

Gay parking lot sex is especially fun when "the right guys" meet at the "right time". At the same time, you should be able to enjoy the thrill of possibly getting caught without actually running the risk of being prosecuted for causing a public nuisance.
How can you do that? By enjoying gay parking lot sex especially when there is as little going on as possible. At night, gay cruising at the relevant locations plays a particularly important role.
If you do not want to freeze more than necessary, you should put your outdoor cruising activities in the summer and switch to the back seat of the car in the winter if necessary.

Who do you meet looking for gay parking sex?

In the past, classic gay parking lot sex was often associated with the famous image of the "lonely trucker". However, this prejudice has long been disproved. Today, you meet the most diverse types during gay parking lot sex. Students, businessmen, tourists and co.: they are all looking for some variety.
You have a particular sexual preference - perhaps from the field of BDSM? No problem! There are some parking lots that are especially known for preferring the "somewhat harder" way of doing things.
If you don't want to take the risk of waiting a long time for your suitable counterpart, put out your feelers in the chat and arrange to meet a guy who swims on the same sex wavelength as you.

What should you look for in gay parking lot sex?

It should be clear that gay parking lot sex also requires a supply of rubbers. It's best to put on comfortable clothes in parallel and - just in case - clear the back seat. Appropriate preferences provided, you can of course also pack your sex toys. Maybe these will be used?

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