The Mausegatt seam parking lot on the A45 motorway

Mausegatt seam parking lot

The Flöz Mausegatt parking lot is located on the well-traveled A45 highway and is near Dortmund. The parking lot offers countless parking options for commuters, truckers and various cars. It is always a great place for a short or long break. Because it is equipped with some benches, on which one can eat wonderfully or relax. But also an adjacent forest and large green areas are available here, they are perfect to stretch his legs.

Homosexual men also meet at any time in the Mausegatt seam parking lot. Because more and more often people cruise here at any time of the year and have fun without restraint. Mostly gay and bisexual men can be found here. But with luck also some straight men who collect their first sexual experiences with a man. So men who love to have fun outdoors are at the right place.


Again and again the gay scene meets here on Helenenpark to cruise.

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  1. Mausegatt
    written by Dominik2000, onApril 7, 2022

    Quite OK
    When the weather is nice, it is always well attended.

  2. Mausegatt
    written by Julian W., onApril 7, 2022

    Quite OK.
    Quiet and not so crowded. Audience from young to old... Many truckers

  3. Horny guys in Dortmund
    by K . Lübeck written onMay 1, 2022

    Am with my vehicle from Lübeck to Düsseldorf on the road.
    Had to make a forced break in Dortmund.
    Today I had a visit from a beautiful bear.
    You have eyes to dream, they were green. I could enjoy your whole body, too bad you did not have your PA on it. Would be even more horny.
    We had sex for a long time, I hope I find you with Romeo.
    Karsten White Truck

  4. Nothing going on this afternoon
    written by Rainer, onJune 14, 2022

    I was there 2 times today, but unfortunately there was nothing going on. Too bad


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