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Gay Cruising NRW

NRW is the most populous state in Germany. No wonder that there are quite a few gays here who are just waiting to make your acquaintance. If you are not in the mood for a steady relationship, but are more enthusiastic about spontaneous sex dates, it is often helpful to stretch your legs a little in the direction of gay cruising NRW.

Whether at rest stops on the highway (for example, on the A3) or at the numerous flaps that are often located near the main train stations, the next like-minded person looking for a little variety is usually not far away.

What is special about gay cruising in NRW?

The answer to this question is particularly simple in this case: the people! Gays in North Rhine-Westphalia are - not only in the larger metropolises, such as Cologne and Düsseldorf - extremely open and spontaneous.

Newcomers who have never cruised near Wuppertal's main train station or other relevant locations, for example, will quickly feel at home here.

There is no fear of contact here per se. Rather, of course, all know why they have come and are eager to live out their fantasies - among other things, by the way, also in the BDSM area. It will certainly not be boring here!

Commuters, truckers, students, businessmen and co. meet each other

NRW is characterized by a flourishing economy. Therefore, it is self-explanatory why the most different types meet here - among other things also at gay cruising.

So if you love notonly tohave sex, but also to meet new guys with different preferences, this is the right place for you.

Additional tip: In NRW, who you meet exactly depends on the exact location, among other things. That means: If you like truckers, look around at rest areas. In the city centers, business people are often waiting for their luck. And near universities, you'll often meet students - who would have thought it?

With a date or without? What's the best way to cruise in NRW?

Most of the gays in NRW spontaneously drop by at the trendy cruising locations. No wonder!

After all, there's actually always something going on here - especially in the summer and during the evening and night hours.

If you want, you can also chat optionally to arrange at point "XY" with your next sex date. The advantage: you can heat up a little beforehand and know exactly who you can look forward to.

Ultimately, the consideration is: "Date at the Glory Hole - yes or no?"However, it is a question of personal taste. Maybe you'll try out both options once?

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