The beautiful Kettwiger Lake in Essen

Lake Kettwig

Lake Kettwig is located in Essen and is quite easy to reach on foot or by car. It has a very large area, which is wonderful for walking. Whether with the whole family, friends or alone, here you can make it absolutely comfortable and enjoy the beautiful view. Also jogging, cycling or other sports activities can be done here wonderfully.

Likewise, here at Lake Kettwig also like to come men who love it in nature uninhibited to have fun. Because the lake has plenty of hiding places and is therefore wonderful for cruising. Mostly gay and bisexual men can be found here. With luck, every now and then straight men who want to test their first bisexual experiences.


Also highly recommended is Haunerfeld Park.

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  1. Goes only what in summer
    written by Analgeil onMarch 25 2023

    You can only really find something here in summer, but you should be careful, there are lots of families here, so go deep into the green to avoid trouble ?


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