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Gay Outdoor Cruising

As the name suggests, gay outdoor cruising is about sex adventures in the open air. The corresponding sex dates sometimes take place spontaneously, sometimes also after a previous appointment.

In most cases, the two sex partners know each other - if at all - only briefly. Because: it is a special kick to be able to enjoy anonymity with all its facets. This means: who exactly you have sex with here is usually not of interest.

Where can you enjoy gay outdoor cruising?

So that you can enjoy cruising with all its facets and do not have to wait long in the search for a suitable sex partner, you should of course choose a cruising location that is usually well attended.

The good news is that due to the fact that gay outdoor cruising is becoming more and more popular anyway, there are now many places where interested gay men with appropriate intentions can meet.

Especially highly frequented in this context are, among others, parking lots and parks. But you're also sure to find something at many lakes.

What does the "perfect" location for gay outdoor cruising look like?

A good question! Surely everyone has their own preferences when it comes to finding a favorite location. For example, many gay men love to enjoy a mix of nature and dark corners. In the places in question, there are often many hiding places, for example behind bushes or walls.

Cruising fans with a penchant for heightened thrills and showmanship, however, should be careful not to let their own sex activities cause a so-called "public nuisance."

However, especially in the evening and night hours is a good opportunity to have fun hidden and yet outdoor.

What should be considered when cruising?

For maximum fun when cruising outdoors, it usually doesn't take much. The main thing here is: don't forget condoms, find a location and have fun.

If you want to be sure that you will meet a man with whom you can have fun (and who you like, of course), you can also arrange a sex date. Nowadays, especially in chats, you can find many men who have similar intentions as you.

It also makes sense to inform yourself a little about the location in question beforehand. If you know, for example, what kind of men are active here more often, how old the men are who visit the respective cruising area and how you can best reach the location, you can sometimes save a lot of time and effort.

Have you ever been to a gay parking lot?