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Gay Cruising Sex

Gay cruising sex enjoys a particularly high popularity within the scene. It is a classic prejudice that only men who are currently single can get excited about this kind of sex adventure.

Many cruising fans use the (largely) anonymous meetings with others to break out of their relationship for a bit every now and then.

The selection here - among other things also with regard to different locations - is large and certainly offers the right thing for just about every taste.

Where can you have sex?

The list of locations where you can have gay cruising sex has grown longer and longer over time.

Whether at the lake, on the park or rest area or in the forest: there are now virtually no limits to the imagination.

If you are looking for exciting gay cruising locations, you can inform yourself not only in the scene, but of course also on the Internet. Here you can often find great insider tips - of course not only for cruising near big cities, but also in the countryside.

Prepare - yes or no?

For many gays, spontaneity and cruising simply belong together. Just the fact that they do not know who is waiting for them at the corresponding location makes the whole thing so interesting for them.

Nevertheless, of course, there's nothing wrong with preparing a little for cruising, for example, by finding out about the exact location, its conditions (are there many "hiding places, etc.?) and the local audience.

Whether you belong to "Team Spontaneous" or "Team Preparation" depends on your type, of course. Maybe you just try both and then decide what turns you on more?

Gay cruising sets as matching "accessories

To have fun during gay cruising sex, you usually don't need much. However, rubbers, comfortable clothing, and at least one sexy partner are considered classic "must haves." While the condoms create a reliable basis for safe sex, the comfortable clothing ensures that you feel comfortable and can quickly expose "everything important" if necessary.

Many sex stores now offer, among other things, so-called gay cruising sets. This is usually a compilation consisting of rubber(s), notes (maybe you want to leave your phone number to your ONS?) and helpful tips about cruising.

Many sets of this type also come with a listing of the most popular locations in each region, so you'll know exactly where it might be worth stopping by

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