The cruising parking lot Borker Heide on the A9 motorway

Parking lot Borker Heide

The Borker Heide parking lot is located on the well-traveled A9 highway and is near Berlin. It is represented on both sides and offers ample parking. But he has besides sufficient parking facilities also a large toilet cottage to facilitate and various benches for snacking or relaxing.

Also very popular and sought after is the parking lot Borker Heide with gay and bisexual men. Because like to stop here at the end of work traffic countless men who love it outdoors or in the car to pleasure. Also a very popular place here in the parking lot are the toilets. At the urinals or in the lockable toilets you can experience a lot of hot fun. In addition, here you can super with the flasher or a hot look to make yourself aware.


The beautiful Hohenforster Lake is also excellent for cruising.

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  1. Broker heath parking lot
    written by Tony, onSeptember 3, 2022

    When is the best time to have fun there ?


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