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Gay Cruising A9

The A9 freeway is known in gay circles, among other things, for its numerous cruising possibilities. Whoever is on the road here and - largely spontaneously - has a desire for sex, usually does not have to drive long.

Interestingly, however, it is not only the typical rest areas that invite you to cruise here. You can also cruise to your heart's content at lakes and around the area of the Linthe gravel pit, for example.

Sometimes truckers meet businessmen and twinks meet bears. The scene is incredibly diverse and shows how colorful modern cruising can be these days.

Cruising along the A9 - what you should know

If you want to cruise along the A9 freeway, you can choose between numerous locations - including Dessorapark, the Vockerode forest parking lot and Möhlauer See.

Also, the various erotic and sex stores that are located near the highway are definitely worth a look. Because: some of them offer not only exciting sex toys and other "accessories", but also cruising areas! Often they have an integrated sex cinema and accordingly turn out to be popular places to go for all those who are into indoor cruising sex.

Which cruising location on the A9 is the best?

The cruising possibilities along the A9 are so varied that it is not possible to give a universal answer here. Rather, all places convince with their very own charm. Many of them can also look back on a long history and brought gays together many years ago - at least for the duration of the corresponding sex adventure.

On the basis of gay cruising on the A9, it can also be seen again and again clearly how the boundaries between classic cruising, club and sex store can become blurred.

Therefore, if you are unsure about which place you should visit, it's best to take a little time and try out several. That way you can easily find your individual favorite - whether indoor or outdoor.

An open cruising scene and its meeting places

The average cruiser looking for an ONS - either on the weekend or during the week - at the A9 is open and passionate. Even shy "newbies" who do not yet know the corresponding location usually feel comfortable quickly.

Especially on the cruising areas of various erotic stores, the ice is broken quickly in most cases. After all, you often don't have to search long for a sex partner here anyway. Larger forest areas and parking lots offer the attraction of surprise and the search for the next flirt. Alternatively, you can of course also arrange to meet a sexy man via the Internet. Most cruising locations on the A9 enjoy a high degree of recognition anyway, so that there should be no questions - especially among experienced cruisers - about directions and co.

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