The parking lot at the Baarer Weiher

Parking lot at the Baarer Weiher
The parking lot at Baarer Weiher is the freeway parking lot on the A9 freeway near Munich. This is easy to reach and is located directly between the Manching and Langenbruck exits. Mostly, it is approached to visit the quiet little place but also to stretch the legs. The field path that leads directly to the Baarer Weiher is ideal for this purpose. This 18-hectare quarry pond is a popular destination, especially in summer, to enjoy a quick cool down.

But that's not the only reason why the parking lot at Baarer Weiher is so popular. Because probably the most popular and best-known reason to get lost here is the wonderful gay cruising area. This area is visited by more than dozens of bi and gay men every day. If you are wondering what they are doing here? It's very simple! They use the bushes around the parking lot as well as the restroom to give free rein to their sexual urges.


The Brunnthal parking lot is also only a few kilometers away.

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  1. Since the spas has a hole !
    written by Philip Diesel, onJune 18, 2021

    Habe me valaufen und hab dan gesen dass da zwei männer spas in gebüschn hatn.. ich hap dan auch einen Pensi geludschd
    Ten out of 10 would go back there

  2. Will also suck!
    written by Winti, onJanuary 9, 2023

    Was easier in the past without the fence.
    Who has desire simply announce.

  3. got what i needed :D
    written by Steffi, onNovember 24, 2023

    I, f, 31, often just drive there and see if anything works. Cab or offside, whatever


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