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Gay Cruising Bavaria

When you think of Bavaria, you often think of beer, mountains and hiking - the fact that you can also cruise here without restraint is often forgotten. But it should not! The possibilities that arise in connection with spontaneous sex meetings are at least as versatile as the scene itself.

You wonder where you can cruise in Bavaria? The question should rather be, where exactly this is NOT possible. The next gay cruising location is often not far away from you. As always, it is only important to know a little bit and / or know about the appropriate insider tips.

Gay Cruising in the nature? No problem in Bavaria!

The picturesque landscapes that Bavaria has to offer are also perfect to be used as part of a cruising adventure or two.

Especially popular here (especially in summer) are the various meeting places at the lakes in the region. How about a side trip to the Great Brombach Lake? Or with a visit as Altmühlsee?

For locations like these, the "rule of thumb" is almost always that sex usually takes place in the bushes as long as it is still light. When walkers, joggers and co. are then at home, the hustle and bustle often spreads to the green spaces.

Rest areas and parking lots on the highways

Bavaria is a large state and is therefore crisscrossed by numerous long highways. At the associated rest areas, it is often neatly to the point - and not only at night. Most gays meet - in search of their respective sex partners - either directly in the cars or at the WC cottages. Of course, there are always exceptions.

Sometimes your eyes simply meet and both know. Especially at rest and parking areas, the audience is mixed. Truckers, commuters and the like - what type of man do you like?

Who cruises in Bavaria?

The Bavarian gay scene is diverse, colorful and open. Therefore, many men love to make a trip here even from further away.

Now and then nothing stands in the way of an extensive gang bang party. If you are in the mood for varied, uninhibited sex, Bavaria should definitely not be crossed off your cruising map!

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