The popular Dennenloher Lake in Nuremberg

Lake Dennenloh

Dennenloher See is located in Nuremberg and is a beautiful lake surrounded by greenery. It has a huge area and offers the perfect place to relax or have fun. Here you can swim, boat, walk, jog or picnic. But you can also meet new nice people here at any time, so it's best to always be polite and friendly. Especially in the summer months there is a lot of traffic here.

In addition, the Dennenloher See is also very well known and popular in the cruising scene. It is visited most by gay men. Because here it is especially exciting in the warm summer evenings. Cruising here is best in the bushes, in the water or on the large meadows. Always keep your eyes open and do not be shy to approach hot men.


Again and again gay and bisexual cruising lovers meet here in the parking lot Dornheimer Rieth.

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  1. Fantastic place
    written by Hey77, onNovember 20 2021

    If you do not know where to go with your date then best to the Dennenloher lake you have his peace and you can get to know each other better there.

  2. Beautiful area
    written by mohrle98, onOctober 31, 2022

    .... a beautiful area with many diversions of every kind.


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