The popular Geisberg parking lot on the A6 motorway

Parking lot Geisberg

The Geisberg parking lot is located in Nuremberg and lies on the well-traveled A6 highway. It is visited several times a day by countless truckers, cars and commuters. In addition, it offers sufficient parking facilities for a long or short break. Also a public WC cottage to relieve is offered here. But also some benches and meadows to stretch his legs after a car ride.

Also very popular is the parking lot Geisberg in the gay cruising world. Because throughout the day, hot men who are looking for an exciting quickie meet here. At the end of the day and on the weekends, this is where you'll find the most cruising lovers. You can cruise here wonderfully on the public toilets, the cabins that are even lockable or at the urinals. But also in the car itself, on the benches or in the bushes it is worthwhile to have unrestrained fun.


Again and again, gay men meet at Lake Dennenloh to have fun together.

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