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Gay parking

You love gay cruising, maybe also the one or other visit to the Glory Hole and largely anonymous sex? In that case, you've certainly been to a gay parking lot. These special locations are much more common than it may often seem. At the same time, they offer you the thrill of fear of getting caught and lots of (sex) experiences.

In short: every cruiser who is in the mood for special adventures should have experienced a visit to a gay parking lot. Of course, it is especially important not only to know the appropriate locations, but also to protect yourself. An accessory that you should have with you for every visit to a gay parking lot is, of course, the condom. You're welcome to bring more than one - you never know... .

What is a gay parking lot anyway?

Gay parking lots are known for the fact that - especially in summer and at night - things usually get pretty rowdy here. The fact that a parking lot becomes a gay parking lot is largely due to several circumstances. Often these are locations that have areas that are difficult to see and where there is a lot of trucker, commuter and cruiser traffic. Particularly attractive parking and rest areas of this kind get around quickly and often become meeting places for the scene.

When is a gay parking lot particularly busy?

Actually, this question cannot be answered in a standardized way. But you can assume that in most cases gay parking lots are well frequented at night and in summer. When it gets a bit colder, many gays retreat to gay cinemas, saunas, etc.

If you don't feel like looking for a suitable partner on the spot, you can of course also arrange a date on a gay parking lot, such as the Dornheimer Rieth parking lot or the Offenbau parking lot. The abbreviation "GC" in the chat stands for gay cruising and can help you to get in touch with other guys as quickly as possible.

Here's what you should keep in mind when visiting a gay parking lot

In addition to rubbers, you should think about comfortable clothing, suitable hiding places and, if necessary (depending on your preference), sex toys. The gay cruising scene around gay parking lots has become more and more creative over the years. Nothing stands in the way of erotic adventures in the open air (with the right precautions).