The wonderful Emscher Park in Essen


The Emscherpark is located in Essen and is a wonderful park, which also offers a lake. It is wonderful for walking, jogging or going for a walk at any time of the year. But the park is also perfect for picnics and lunches. In winter, you can go for wonderful walks with the whole family and enjoy the clear air.

Also very popular is the Emscherpark in the gay cruising scene, because again and again men meet here for mutual pleasure. Mostly you meet gay and bisexual men here, but also every now and then straight men who want to test new experiences. They prefer to cruise on the meadows or in the bushes behind the trees, so always keep your eyes open. Men who are into outdoor cruising, are exactly at the right address.


Again and again people cruise and have fun in the parking lot Geisberg.

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  1. Beautiful
    written by mohrle98, onNovember 2, 2022

    The park with old trees is beautiful and inviting for meetings.


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