The crazy parking Herford on the A2

Parking Herford

The Herford parking lot is located on the A2 freeway and, as the name suggests, is near Herford. It is the perfect parking lot for a quick or long stop. Truckers who want to keep their rest periods are in the right place here. Because there is a crazy toilet cottage, benches and meadows to stretch his feet. But commuters also like to stop here to take a little break.

Again and again, the gay cruising scene meets here in the parking lot Herford. Because over the years, word has spread that the parking lot is a horny cruising area. Also bisexual and straight men come here to experience exciting new fun. Cruising here is best on the public toilet, in the evening on the meadows or in or on the vehicle itself. There is absolutely no place left out here.


Ever visited the Leineholz rest area? Also an absolutely cool cruising area.

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