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Gay Cruising Hamburg

When you think of Hamburg, you often think of the Reeperbahn and a particularly exciting nightlife. But also the surrounding area of the Hanseatic city should not be underestimated with regard to sex adventures - especially in the cruising area.

On the highways, but also at the lake, many gays are waiting here for the right sex partner. Whether you visit one of the rest areas or enjoy your ONS in nature instead, is of course up to you.

Maybe you would like to try out the different variants - for example from the rest area Bönningstedt Ost to the quarry pond in Appen?

Beaches, lakes, parking lots and lots of sex

The landscape of Gay Cruising Hamburg and its surroundings are more diverse than it might seem at first glance. It will certainly not be boring here.

You have the choice between several locations - from classic (for example at a rest area) to natural (such as at a lake or in the park).

Every place here has its own special charm. Those who like to hide behind bushes should take a look at Lise-Meitner-Park, among others. The beach near Wedel is also ideal for being converted into an ONS location. The Bönningstedt Ost rest area on the A7 is another pleasantly dirty place.

One thing the different places of Gay Cruising Hamburg have in common: they are - almost regardless of the time of day - well visited.

Spontaneous or as a date? You decide!

The answer to the question of whether it makes sense to arrange to go cruising or to visit one of the cruising locations as spontaneously as possible must be answered individually. If you love to leave nothing to chance, there is of course nothing to be said against arranging a date with other gays in the chat.

However, it can also be perceived as particularly stimulating if you simply spontaneously visit a popular cruising spot, such as Bassenfleth beach or the lake in Maschener Moor, and let yourself be surprised.

The crowd here is largely mixed, so you're sure to run into plenty of twinks as well as bears (and all types in between).

Cruising in Hamburg - here's what you should watch out for

As already mentioned, just about every cruising location in Hamburg is characterized by its very own advantages.

Therefore, it is difficult to speak of the "best place for ONS". However, in order to have full and safe fun, you need two things: comfortable clothes and rubbers. It's best to put together a cruising kit consisting of condoms and business cards. Maybe you want to give your number to a particularly good sex partner?

It would be a shame sometimes to have "perfect" sex and then not see the other person again to start a repeat, wouldn't it?

But you can also have wonderful gay cruising fun in Hamm