The Hummelsee between Hamburg and Norderstedt

Lake Hummel
Lake Hummel has an approximate size of about eight hectares and measures up to nine meters at the deepest point. He is not a natural lake, because he sent only in 1982 by the mining of stone and sand in Hummelsbuttel. But after the mining, these pits were filled with garbage and filled up except for one pit, which today reflects the lake. This beautiful place is especially suitable for fishing, jogging, hiking, swimming and walking, but of course also for cruising. As soon as the families and dog owners disappear at dusk, the gay scene appears here in droves. The most common meeting places here are the back parking lot, the nudist beach and the trails next to the main paths. If you're from Hamburg or the surrounding area, you should definitely stop by here, it's worth it.

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