The notorious Jacobi Park


Jacobipark in Hamburg-Eilbek has a size of about 6.1 hectares. The park is very popular among the people of Hamburg because of its spacious green areas and the centrally located lake. Thus, it is not difficult to understand that the gay scene became aware of this unsullied piece of nature early on. Therefore it is easy to understand that Jacobipark behind the church was the most popular gay cruising park in Hamburg for a long time. But because the park was too full of used condoms and cloths the neighbors started to stop this. Since then, there are between nightly controls by the residents or the police.

Tip: Maybe MAN could move the area to the other side of the park in the direction of S-Bahn Hasselbrook to have undisturbed fun again. There but please pick up his legacies and throw in the garbage that are distributed throughout the park.

June 17 Bridge

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  1. Dangerous!
    written by TopHH, onMay 28, 2021

    The park is dangerous!
    Homophobic Islamic youths beat us up.

  2. Best gay park in the city
    written by Felix, onJune 30, 2023

    Find it is the best place to have sex anonymously with men. From young to old everything is there. But actually rather younger. Always have fun there. I'm in my late 20s and athletic. By the way, from both sides is always something going on. Sbahn or from wandsbeker chaussee.


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