The Bridge of June 17 / Old Elbe Bridges Hamburg

June 17 Bridge

Every Hamburg resident is familiar with the Old Hamburg Elbe Bridge with the beautifully walled arch gate, which bears the name Bridge of June 17. Originally, the bridge was called the New Harburg Elbe Bridge, but in 1964, after the Stalin uprising of June 17, 1953, it was renamed the Bridge of June 17. But what is special about this bridge? Quite simply, this secluded and quiet place offers a wonderful gay cruising area on a huge green area with an unobstructed view of the Harburg Elbe.

It is best if MAN at the Buschwerder Hauptdeich Park and at the coffee factory over the dike right on the water to the pump house. When MAN then arrived at the bend you need only left at the siel over the plank down to the site and follow the trampling thread.

And for those who are traveling by public transport, go best with the S3 or S31 to Wilhelmsburg and take from there the 152 bus and driving to the stop Friedhof Finkenriek There arrived you go left the way to the Wilhelmsburger Elbstrand purely until you stand on the dike, there arrived it goes to the right to the first bridge, from there it goes down under the railroad bridge and you go about. 500 meters to the last bridge, which is the bridge of the 17th June and there is the cruising area and the fun can begin. (Approx. 5 - 10 minutes walk)

Park am Weiher - Eimsbüttel next Cruising Area

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