The recreation beach near Wedel

Beach near Wedel - Hetlinger Schanze

The Hetlinger Schanze is especially known in the gay scene under the name "beach near Wedel". This beautiful beach in Hamburg's Elbe foreland is the perfect place to let your soul dangle. This great recreation area is for all the stressed city dwellers who do not want to linger on the crowded Elbe beach in Övelgönne. The beach at the Hetlinger Schanze is a mixed beach where you can tan either with or without textiles (FKK).

All this is probably also the reason why the gay scene has discovered this place for themselves and declared a unique cruising area. Especially from Thursday to Sunday, people meet here in the afternoon until the late evening hours. The most popular places are either at the right beach section near the forest or at the left beach section near the reeds. If you are looking for a little erotic adventure, you will get your money's worth here.

Nearby you will find the cruising area: Holmer Sandberge

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