Horny gay stories

My name is Sven, my outing is quite a while ago. What I often experience since then, from many young but also sometimes older, is that they are interested in my horny gay stories. I really have to admit that I have really experienced a lot since my outing. Let's start with me. I am 23 years young, play a lot of soccer, so I am already sporty. I have brown hair and green eyes. I'm 1.82 m tall and I would say with a good 18 cm I'm not badly equipped. In the beginning I was still very reserved and did not know what all is possible in the world of male love. So I sat down at my computer and looked, what did I find there so everything? Saunas, cinemas, cruising, swingers clubs and even just cafes or bars especially for men who are into men. Since I thought to myself, yes here I will be able to experience many horny gay stories. That was then also so. With absolute certainty I have by far not tried everything....
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Gay old men

Gay old men and their advantages Do you know this saying, always these gay old men? If you knew what these men have everything on it. So here is a little story from the sewing box, for the young guys or for all those who believe that gay old men only look at the young twinks behind. Apart from the fact that of course I always like to have the tight ass of a youngster in front of me. Where I enjoy having my fun with. What you should not underestimate, however, is the experience that you acquire over the years. Since one or the other young stallion, no matter how long his stamina is, can still cut off one or the other slice of it. Experience before permanent horniness When I have such an untamed young stallion in bed, I'm only too happy to show him the spurs and ride him in properly. Because if you know how to properly operate such a splendor penis and understand themselves in it...
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Seduction of the forbidden fruit

I don't know how I got into such a story, but I'll try to make a good start. I was, as I have been many times before, having a drink with a very good work colleague, who is a few years older than me, after work. This time, however, he invited me to his home. His wife had probably cooked something special and invited me along. So we went to his house. It was really a nice evening, his wife and he are absolutely loving people. When we then sat at the dining table, I saw it was set for 6 people. He had two daughters and a son. The girls were 21 and 17, the son 20 years old. When they joined, I just thought to myself. He couldn't dress any less than that. The son came to the table in shorts and open shirt and I couldn't help myself. I just had to look at his crotch. The thin and short pants gave a good idea of how he was hung. The worst thing was that ...
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I had just turned 18

I remember it as if it were yesterday. I had just turned eighteen. I never thought I would be so attracted to other men. But then, that night at the party. I just couldn't take my eyes off of him. At first I thought I was just so impressed by his manner that I wanted to see him as a role model. But with every second I looked at him longer, I liked what I saw more and more. And not in a way where I would have thought, yeah, he's just a cool guy. No, he had interested me sexually. His movements, his outfit. Just everything about him was so masculine, so exciting, it awakened a lust in me that was enormous. His shirt had a V-neck and you could see his trained chest. Also his three day beard and prominent facial features. I didn't know what to do. It had also taken a really long time until I had dared to address him. Then also with such a ri...
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Hot gay stories for him

Are you passionate about writing gay stories but haven't found a suitable platform to publish them yet? Maybe you just want to know what's on other guys' minds and let your imagination run wild?
Either way, you've come to the right place! On this site you will find everything that stimulates your imagination. Sometimes hard, sometimes tender, but always authentic!
Which stories exactly await you here? There are no standards here! You will find on our pages everything that has to do with the "most beautiful thing in the world". From anal sex to blow jobs, role-playing and BDSM, just about everything is represented here. What are you waiting for? Do you feel like diving in?

What are our gay stories about?

Gay stories can be as versatile as their writers. In the vast majority of stories that you will find on our pages, the action is hot. Just choose a story that you can identify with the most.

You want to read about a man who likes to hang out at gay cruising locations in the evening? Maybe you are also interested in how a long-time couple in gay cinema tries to make their relationship hotter again? Or do you feel like a classic one man show, which you might try out yourself while reading?

You see: It is difficult to speak of ONE topic. The world of gay sex is much too varied for all the beautiful "trivialities" to be broken down into one denominator.

Are our gay stories fictional or real?

"Based on a true incident...", or is it? At the latest after reading a hot gay story you might ask yourself if all that was fictional or if the protagonist really had the orgasm of his life at the gang bang. But is that what you really want to know? Isn't it much more erotic to imagine, for example, that exactly THAT could have happened to the guy sitting across from you in the café right now?
In short: It is simply up to you whether you ascribe a true origin to the actions or not. Likewise, you can decide whether - after you have experienced an orgasm with one of the protagonists - you feel like looking for a man with whom you can perhaps even begin to reenact what you have read.

How do you make stories especially fun?

Actually, you have many possibilities to enjoy the numerous gay stories from our archive. Between "reading-quickie" to "bath-tub-pleasure" a lot is allowed here. And: Who knows what you're reading when you've made yourself comfortable on the bus?
For the romantics and epicures: Take enough time and make yourself comfortable on the couch or in bed. A small snack and a warm drink will round off the mood. After that, maybe you'll get down to business, too?
And: Especially our horny gay stories are an ideal mood setter for passionate hours for two (or with several people). Just try it out!
Don't worry! Since our collection is always growing, there is certainly something for everyone. If you have a sexual fantasy that you can't find in our archive yet, you can of course get creative yourself. Often the authors are overcome by passion - in the truest sense of the word - when writing.

Send us your gay story!

You have a hot fantasy in the back of your mind that you not only want to enjoy while masturbating, but rather share with the world? No problem! Of course you can also send us your story.
In general: the hotter, the better. We are looking forward to your letters.


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