I remember it as if it were yesterday. I had just turned eighteen. I never thought I would be so attracted to other men. But then, that night at the party. I just couldn't take my eyes off of him. At first I thought I was just so impressed by his manner that I wanted to see him as a role model. But with every second I looked at him longer, I liked what I saw more and more. And not in a way where I would have thought, yeah, he's just a cool guy. No, he had interested me sexually.

His movements, his outfit. Just everything about him was so masculine, so exciting, it awakened a lust in me that was enormous. His shirt had a V-neck and you could see the trained chest. Also his three day beard and prominent facial features. I didn't know what to do. It had also taken a really long time until I had dared to address him. Then even with such a really stupid saying.

"Hey, cool number! You can dance really well."

As if I couldn't think of anything better. But I was also so embarrassed to flirt with a man. Surprisingly, however, it was then how relaxed and easy he had reacted.

"You've been watching me for quite a while. Do you like what you see that much?"

And he also winked at me. I think then I had the first time the feeling that he probably also has a sexual interest in men. I've counted on everything, but not that such a strapping guy is also on men. Then we flirted for quite a while and at the bar he also gave me some drinks. I think he had quickly noticed that I was still very unsure about him and the attempt to hit on a man. Until he had then asked me.

"Have you ever tried a man?"

I turned bright red. That came as such a surprise to me, but it was also the icebreaker.

"What do you mean?"
"Well, in bed! Have you ever dared a real stallion or just little mares?"
"Well, to be honest, I'm still a virgin, but ..."

I just could not resist his eyes. And when he then also leaned towards me and whispered in my ear.

"Come on, let's go to my place and I'll show you what really hot sex is."

I never thought that when a man whispers something like that in my ear, that I would immediately get a pipe in my pants. But it was so and do not ask for sunshine, my cock was suddenly plump. We are then like buddies out of the club and went to his car. Hardly that we sat in the car, where no one could see us, he grabbed my head and he kissed me. His lips were soft and our tongues danced with each other. This made my blood boil so much that I finally wanted to touch him.

Above all, I wanted to know how big his bulging cock was. So I touched him on his legs and let my hand slide up. But in the car he had still prevented me from touching his cock. While we were making out like that in the car, he slid a hand down my shirt so he could play with my nipple.

"There will be more in a moment. Look forward to the hottest orgasm you'll ever have!"

I believed him as soon as he said that. He ran his hand through his hair, put the key in the ignition hole and we went to his place. Believe me or not, I was blown away by him. I had never wondered before if I would be into men, but at that moment I knew I wanted him to make me orgasm. Then when we were in his two bedroom apartment, he took his time taking off my clothes. He kissed my body, spoiled my nipples with his tongue and ran my hands over his body. It was so exciting and most of all, endlessly arousing. Exploring every inch of his body with my fingers. When he then guided my hand into his boxers, I got a little scared. He was really a stud.

"It's huge!"
"Do you want to taste it?"
"May I?"

And already he pushed me down and I knelt in front of him. His huge cock in his face and his bulging balls in his hand. So I started to massage his penis and what can I say. I did my best to give him a blowjob. Neither did I know if what I was doing was good or right. Luckily, he guided me a bit. It was an extremely horny experience to suck his bulging cock. To spoil his glans with my tongue and to feel that he was getting plumper and bigger. Also to feel what happened when I increased or loosened the pressure of my hand around his penis.

When he began to moan and when he came closer and closer to climax. But also find out for myself how deep I got him in my mouth, his XXL cock. Before he squirted, he threw me on his bed. I should spread my legs for him. He put a condom over it, made lubricant on his huge bulging cock. Since I got then but something angst.

"Will it hurt?"
"Just relax and take it easy. You'll like it, believe me."

First he took my cock in his hand and massaged it until it also became really plump. He bent down and took my balls in his mouth and sucked on them while his hand massaged my cock harder and harder. When he came back up, I felt him penetrate me. Damn was the first penetration Painful, but also sow horny. His glans stretched me, but when it was completely inside, I was overcome by a feeling of horniness. Deeper and deeper, at first it hurt a bit, but as his cock kept coming against my prostate, it started to fire me up. While he fucked me, he massaged my cock harder and harder. Which led to the fact that it was not long before I had such a hard orgasm as I have never experienced before.

The sperm flew up to my face and spread all over my body. Everything inside me was satisfied and I wanted to get up because I thought it would be over now. But he licked my sperm and did not seem to want to stop. And he didn't either. He turned me on all fours and fucked me so hard that I didn't know if it was horny or hurt. Again and again I begged him to stop! Hardly that he then paused, I wanted him to continue and I said.

"Fuck me! Please fuck me!"

What he then also did. In positions that I did not even know and whenever he could, he has thereby my cock again hard gewixxt. At some point he stopped hammering into me and pulled the rubber off.

"Open your mouth!"

He ordered me and I was so deliriously fucked that I did everything he wanted. So I knelt in front of him with my mouth open and waited for his load to pour into my mouth. And damn there came a huge load out of this guy. It didn't even all fit in my mouth. Half of it ran down my face and the other half I swallowed. Yes, that was my first sexual experience and then also with a man, which I would never have even dreamed of. Narrated by Eddy 27 from Hamburg


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  1. So the man from the story I would also like to feel in me. Very beautifully written. Thank you dáfür.

  2. My first time with a man hurt very much, but I really wanted to be fucked in the ass by one. He took me from behind and plugged me his stiff cock 19.5 cm long and 5cm thick in the butt and fucked me through. Then he pulled out, he was still stiff and I had to blow him one, did not want it but did it. After that came two men friends of him. The fucked me au h, without if and but. I did not want, but they raped me. . And threatened me with beatings. My nightmare

  3. My last anal fuck with 3 men had been horny. I gave them a blowjob and was gradually leaked without rubber. That had been mega horny. Would I do with me again.
    Just like blowjobs with cum swallowing I also like. I like blowjobs and Poficken with a man


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