The Gay Edging Story

My first experience with gay edging I have always wanted to try something new with my sexuality, so I have tried a lot. It is not so long ago that I have tested myself to the Edgen approach. But at first only alone. Masturbating again and again and pausing just before the orgasm. The whole thing just as often as you can stand it, which really can not be without. Each time the pressure is increased by once Edgen, it becomes more painful. And the excitement and horniness increases enormously. Just absolutely every little thought begins to turn on sex. But I wanted more and just thought about how I could increase gay edging. Well, I thought of only one game partner in a hurry. And there I also know one who is actually available for everything. He is very dominant, which the BDSM scene probably brings with it. The good thing is he also has male slaves. He can certainly help me further the game ...
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My first time gay sex

How My First Time Gay Sex Went I am Lukas. I am 23 years old and always had the feeling that I just do not really attract women. And the other day I was partying with friends and what can I say I was hit on by a guy at the party. First I was really unsure what the others might think if I flirt with a guy here so. Nevertheless, it just felt good. So much more satisfying than with the women I usually approached. Everything was so natural and relaxed. The evening went so smoothly and quietly until the mood was so good between him and me that he tried to kiss me. That's when I got really nervous. Should I let him do it and I wondered if it would lead to 'first time gay sex'? What would it be like? I had so much going through my head with that kiss. Because I just let it happen. That's when I immediately asked myself too. Is he the active one or am I active or would like....
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The gay vacation

A dirty gay vacation Full of anticipation, I have been waiting for him to finally unwrap his gift. It's my best friend's birthday and a few good friends, his family and I have put together to fulfill him a long-awaited wish. The best thing about this gift is that I also get something out of it. Because it is a cruise through the Mediterranean Sea on a gay cruiser. A whole ship full of gay men who are all on gay vacation. Everyone is in the mood to really let it rip without restraint. This will certainly be a brilliant surprise. Everyone, and not just me, is waiting for him to finally unwrap this gift. "You guys are crazy! This is awesome. You know how long I've wanted to do this. You guys are just the best." We all congratulated him and a tear of joy ran down everyone's face to see how happy this surprise made him. "So we all chipped in and ....
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The Gay Callboy

The gay callboy in the evening Again an evening alone at home, again none of my friends has time for me, to which I am once again unsatisfied and horny. I lie on my bed and play around with myself. In addition still these thoughts times to want to try something new. Maybe I'll just search the Internet again. But I'm really not today after a dating site, I want to prefer the guy just say what I want and then I get exactly that. Wait a minute. Gay Callboy could be a solution. I think I'll look for that today. Since I'm curious what I will find so. Oh yes here are some attractive men who offer themselves. Who do I write to? This one or this one? Yes now I know it I ask him who is absolutely model format. "Yes hello I wanted to inquire how that works?" "What exactly do you want to do?" "Yes, so I have imagined the following. I would like to actually ...
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Ringo's wild group ride

My first love on the group trip Our class was on a group trip to a beautiful place here in Germany. We were all over 18 years old and it was our graduation trip. We slept in separate shared rooms. One night, we all went to sleep and I laid down in my bed, the bottom bunk of a double bunk bed. Everyone was still chatting and telling jokes and other things. All of a sudden, my covers lifted and Christoff came into my bed and played as if I were a girl and felt me up. He stroked my belly and lay on top of me and went up and down with his body. I liked this very much. I took my hand and touched his ass cheeks, going inside his pants. He flinched at first, but he liked it and took off his pants. I also took off my pants and we both lay totally naked in bed. We lay there and continued to play, cock to cock, fingering each other. It was so exciting that I always ...
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Blowjob stories

My horny and wild blowjob stories Early in the morning the sun woke me up, it was already laughing and ushered in another gorgeous summer day. Dragging and slowly I rolled out of my bed and stumbled first into the kitchen to make me a coffee. Already on the way to the kitchen I realized that yesterday I exaggerated again. My whole jaw hurt again. Meanwhile it is almost every Sunday so that I wake up with jaw pain. But it just gives me too much pleasure to milk guys. And I can do this best with my mouth. The best thing about blowjobs is the fact that you are immediately rewarded tasty. That's why I love my blowjob stories they are not only hot, but have every single time a very tasty reward for me with on top. This weekend, for example, I was out and about in Hamburg and I have to admit that I used to think that as a homo...
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Nude gay men

My dream around Naked gay men No matter where I looked there were just everywhere naked gay men around me. One hornier than the other, all already had boners and wanted to fuck. I did not know what had happened at once, but somehow it was very exciting to be so in the center of so many sex horny bucks. But I also knew that I would probably not be able to walk the next day. One after the other has taken me so, as it was him the mood after. Often someone came directly to my mouth and used my mouth as a cum cunt. Everything was full of sperm, my face, the body, just everything and swallowed, I had enough that it went through as a full meal. Even my rosette was already fucked quite sore. Still, I didn't want it to stop. My limit had long since been reached, but it just hadn't stopped. There was always another guy coming on the...
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Foot slave history

The hottest foot slave story you've ever heard! Imagine it's an absolutely great midsummer day, you're sitting in the park with your friends and are comfortably grilling. The air is really nice and hot, as are the topics of conversation among us men. And everyone has as there is a fresh breeze that invigorates you also something to tell what all the others laugh, listen up or in lustful greed Lässt. After so the first few beers the mood becomes looser and yes there begins then also my small story, which became a foot slave history. One of the guys who was at the meeting with me, had been watching me the whole time, but he seemed really shy. Even after a few beers he was the one who was still very reserved. So, because I also found him really pretty cute, I went up to him and just talked to him. "Hey. Why are you so shy you are really a horny cream slice! D...
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The horny "Sissy stories

Sissy Stories - Oh how hot it is just to feel this lace against my skin. The fabric feels so good.... To put all my charms so in scene to make the men pay attention to me. A nice tight dress underneath just a thong and the bra I also fill out with silicone pads. My wig with brown wavy long hair falls down like airy silk. A strand is in my face. Oh yes as you notice I just love to dress like an elegant and especially sexually provocative woman. It's just awesome how the fabric feels, everything hugs the body so much better, not like the annoying jeans and shirts. Boring as hell. And the best thing is when I go to party like this, oh how many straights admire my horny round ass until they realize I'm a guy myself. And especially I have so already some sweet and hot men torn up the supposedly hetero are. Yes so sissy stories can ...
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Hot gay stories for him

Are you passionate about writing gay stories but haven't found a suitable platform to publish them yet? Maybe you just want to know what's on other guys' minds and let your imagination run wild?
Either way, you've come to the right place! On this site you will find everything that stimulates your imagination. Sometimes hard, sometimes tender, but always authentic!
Which stories exactly await you here? There are no standards here! You will find on our pages everything that has to do with the "most beautiful thing in the world". From anal sex to blow jobs, role-playing and BDSM, just about everything is represented here. What are you waiting for? Do you feel like diving in?

What are our gay stories about?

Gay stories can be as versatile as their writers. In the vast majority of stories that you will find on our pages, the action is hot. Just choose a story that you can identify with the most.

You want to read about a man who likes to hang out at gay cruising locations in the evening? Maybe you are also interested in how a long-time couple in gay cinema tries to make their relationship hotter again? Or do you feel like a classic one man show, which you might try out yourself while reading?

You see: It is difficult to speak of ONE topic. The world of gay sex is much too varied for all the beautiful "trivialities" to be broken down into one denominator.

Are our gay stories fictional or real?

"Based on a true incident...", or is it? At the latest after reading a hot gay story you might ask yourself if all that was fictional or if the protagonist really had the orgasm of his life at the gang bang. But is that what you really want to know? Isn't it much more erotic to imagine, for example, that exactly THAT could have happened to the guy sitting across from you in the café right now?
In short: It is simply up to you whether you ascribe a true origin to the actions or not. Likewise, you can decide whether - after you have experienced an orgasm with one of the protagonists - you feel like looking for a man with whom you can perhaps even begin to reenact what you have read.

How do you make stories especially fun?

Actually, you have many possibilities to enjoy the numerous gay stories from our archive. Between "reading-quickie" to "bath-tub-pleasure" a lot is allowed here. And: Who knows what you're reading when you've made yourself comfortable on the bus?
For the romantics and epicures: Take enough time and make yourself comfortable on the couch or in bed. A small snack and a warm drink will round off the mood. After that, maybe you'll get down to business, too?
And: Especially our horny gay stories are an ideal mood setter for passionate hours for two (or with several people). Just try it out!
Don't worry! Since our collection is always growing, there is certainly something for everyone. If you have a sexual fantasy that you can't find in our archive yet, you can of course get creative yourself. Often the authors are overcome by passion - in the truest sense of the word - when writing.

Send us your gay story!

You have a hot fantasy in the back of your mind that you not only want to enjoy while masturbating, but rather share with the world? No problem! Of course you can also send us your story.
In general: the hotter, the better. We are looking forward to your letters.


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