Gay short stories

Horny gay short stories "This is really a nice restaurant. How did you find it? And above all, there are really a lot of homosexuals here, which is really pleasant." "Through the Internet my best, was specially advertised as popular with homosexuals." You can always rely on my friend. He always knows where the best locations are. Here we could eat comfortably without having to pretend. Even a little fumbling around didn't bother anyone here. That's a really nice thing. So we could use the entire time in the restaurant already to increase our desire for each other. "Look forward to what I'm going to do to you when we're right in the car!" "Oh, are you going to give me a nice long latte again?" "But you bet I am. You know how much I love your hard-on. That horny size and shape is a dream." My friend is really in love with my cock. And I now know s...
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Gay sexting

Everyone is into gay sexting The coffee is nice and hot and it's just too cozy on the couch again. But somehow the boredom is too big. But I don't want to go out either. I could write an old date of mine again, do a little gay sexting and hear what he has to tell. Besides, it's always fun to write with him, because he always has the wildest fantasies. How was it again the other day he wanted me to accompany him to some event just to jerk him off on the dance floor. I think he's just permanently horny and as soon as a guy writes to him, he takes out his cock and does it himself. And for stimulation he gets inspiration from his writing partners. But also no matter, since I just have a desire for it myself. Don't have to put it on his nose right away. I hope he answers me today too. The horny sow also always has a very well trained body. Viell...
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Gay kissing

So affectionate gays can kiss Once again a weekend went by like nothing. This is very strange, I had until recently a great working relationship but now I sat here alone and just do not find a partner for me. I am deeply disappointed and my whole heart was in it. And then, since now also still soon Valentine's Day is, I see around me everywhere only turtelnde couples. Even the men who are flirting with men are happier than I am. Maybe I should get some advice from a homosexual. It can't do any harm after all. After all, they always seem to have fun and be very happy. I mean for my best friend I would always go through the fire while I for most women well. So true love exists only among men. There is a bar near here only for gays, I think I will just go there the next times...
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Gay sex in Hamburg

Wild and dirty gay sex in Hamburg Everything is ringing so beautifully. Everywhere the neon signs are flashing. Sex stores brothels strip clubs. Simply everything your heart desires and also ingenious bars and discos. On the whole, the perfect place to enjoy his nightlife so right. The neighborhood is simply unbeatable. With all its great streets and local. I just came from the Café Miller and already had a brilliant flirt there. I would have loved to stay, but I have to go on, because I am invited to a really cool gay party in the Klubhaus Hamburg. This party has been made palatable to me for almost a month. All the hot guys are supposed to show up there. With horny show interludes, welcome drink and much more. My colleague has raved about it. Well I'm here through the Reeperbahn and generally the Kiez already some Gewohnt therefore I hope times that it is really worth it. But a fresh 19 or 20-year...
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Butt spanking stories

Horny spanking stories for gay and bisexual men Finally it's weekend and I don't have to get up so early again tomorrow. So it's time for some pleasure again. But what should I do? Always in the same club or the same bar is also kind of boring and you don't see new people there anymore. There must be something new again, something that builds up my erotic life. Whether I try it slowly times with dominant men. I mean somehow I think but very often fetishes. Maybe I should try the one or the other just once. More than that I like it can not happen. So I'm looking for a location where I find something in the direction. A friend once said that here in Hamburg the Contact Bar Hamburg should be a good address. Whereby that is also a location for heteros. Well, I'll have a look at it. The really offer all hand at events. Pure spanking? Oh yes...
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Gays swallow cum

All gays swallow cum I don't know what your passion is, but I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about mine in more detail. Gays swallow sperm has become my credo. In my mid-twenties I got the taste that I rather like men than women. In the beginning I still had threesomes with my ex, where there was a lot of bi action. Every time I realized that I basically rather be busy with the guy than with my girlfriend. And then it didn't take long until I secretly visited men without my ex. The horniest thing about sex with a man is simply the variety that is offered to you, to play with a cock. That simply excites me much more than the vagina of a woman. And the coolest thing about such a cock is that, if you use it properly, it always leaves you a reward. So you can see if what you're doing is good or not....
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ManForMan Stories

Wild and exciting manforman stories Lately I've been reading a lot of man-for-man stories and now I wanted to share mine. It may not be that special, but it's one of the best memories I've made since indulging in man-on-man love. It was with the first partner I had. We had been together for a little over a year when he just had the idea to invite me on a spontaneous vacation. He had booked a weekend in the north in a kind of tree house, but very modern, very elegant. Of course, I was very happy about the gift, which was really the hammer. For this I then also immediately thanked him in my own way. So I have spoiled him with pleasure his tail with his tongue. He stood there fully on it and me makes this also a great pleasure. After that I took a closer look at the whole thing. It was even an event there just for men. But more about that in a moment. W...
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Tie stories

The gay and kinky bondage stories Motionless I lie here now for quite a while. I can not say how long, but several hours certainly. That's how it feels definitive. Or is it only a few minutes? I can neither see nor hear anything. Eyes are blindfolded, ears covered, deprived of my senses I wait for the touch of the man who takes me into these ingenious bondage stories. But at the moment it is called waiting, endless waiting. The only thing I feel are the ropes that lace themselves into my skin. Taking away my movement. Ensure that I am fixed here will-less, helpless and so excited. I am lying over a trestle, my arms are fixed on my back. The legs, lower legs and thighs lashed together and spread apart at the knees so that you can get good at the ass and tail. But what will happen now, the greed and the pain of the fixation change incessantly...
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The gay sex movie

A gay sex movie that changed my life More and more often I throw myself a good and horny gay sex movie. And that in full variety. From sneakers to bears or even twinks or the really hard Klinks. Do you know what stimulates me the most? It's not the act that I see there or the practices or the horny guys where I think I would also like to fuck, whip, get me on my sneakers jerked off by them. No, I'm attracted to the thought that I would like to be one of these performers and others then get on me a down. The idea is so cool. Recently I watched a really dirty porn, because the two men have fucked each other so ingeniously apart that you had to fear that they can not run a week. At the same time I thought I could also trigger my 19 cm long penis so let the other men get all hot at the sight w...
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Hot gay stories for him

Are you passionate about writing gay stories but haven't found a suitable platform to publish them yet? Maybe you just want to know what's on other guys' minds and let your imagination run wild?
Either way, you've come to the right place! On this site you will find everything that stimulates your imagination. Sometimes hard, sometimes tender, but always authentic!
Which stories exactly await you here? There are no standards here! You will find on our pages everything that has to do with the "most beautiful thing in the world". From anal sex to blow jobs, role-playing and BDSM, just about everything is represented here. What are you waiting for? Do you feel like diving in?

What are our gay stories about?

Gay stories can be as versatile as their writers. In the vast majority of stories that you will find on our pages, the action is hot. Just choose a story that you can identify with the most.

You want to read about a man who likes to hang out at gay cruising locations in the evening? Maybe you are also interested in how a long-time couple in gay cinema tries to make their relationship hotter again? Or do you feel like a classic one man show, which you might try out yourself while reading?

You see: It is difficult to speak of ONE topic. The world of gay sex is much too varied for all the beautiful "trivialities" to be broken down into one denominator.

Are our gay stories fictional or real?

"Based on a true incident...", or is it? At the latest after reading a hot gay story you might ask yourself if all that was fictional or if the protagonist really had the orgasm of his life at the gang bang. But is that what you really want to know? Isn't it much more erotic to imagine, for example, that exactly THAT could have happened to the guy sitting across from you in the café right now?
In short: It is simply up to you whether you ascribe a true origin to the actions or not. Likewise, you can decide whether - after you have experienced an orgasm with one of the protagonists - you feel like looking for a man with whom you can perhaps even begin to reenact what you have read.

How do you make stories especially fun?

Actually, you have many possibilities to enjoy the numerous gay stories from our archive. Between "reading-quickie" to "bath-tub-pleasure" a lot is allowed here. And: Who knows what you're reading when you've made yourself comfortable on the bus?
For the romantics and epicures: Take enough time and make yourself comfortable on the couch or in bed. A small snack and a warm drink will round off the mood. After that, maybe you'll get down to business, too?
And: Especially our horny gay stories are an ideal mood setter for passionate hours for two (or with several people). Just try it out!
Don't worry! Since our collection is always growing, there is certainly something for everyone. If you have a sexual fantasy that you can't find in our archive yet, you can of course get creative yourself. Often the authors are overcome by passion - in the truest sense of the word - when writing.

Send us your gay story!

You have a hot fantasy in the back of your mind that you not only want to enjoy while masturbating, but rather share with the world? No problem! Of course you can also send us your story.
In general: the hotter, the better. We are looking forward to your letters.


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