Gay erotic

Gay eroticism in the orgies variant So you are into horny gay erotic scenes and enjoy hot gay erotic action? Then you should like an insight into my profession very much. Because: I work with a local event company and organize gay erotic parties. Here, my offer is not only designed for large events. Private individuals can also make use of our services in a small setting. We offer extremely many services around gay eroticism and many of my acquaintances envy me my job. However, I would like to directly clear up a misunderstanding: sex with my employees (or me) is not possible. Strictly speaking, this would even be a reason for dismissal, since we do not want to offer sex as a service. For this, there are other option(s) that can be used. We take care that public and private parties are always occupied with an erotic flair...
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Gay fuck

My hot gay fuck fantasies Are you in the mood for a cock-laden gay fuck action story set in a big gay club? The following story should satisfy everyone who craves hot erotic adventures with lots of cocks disappearing into tight asses. In a gay club, as we all know, just about anything is possible - as long as everyone involved is up for it. The men are usually open-minded and up for almost any sexual act. You have always wanted to spend an evening in a gay club, but have not yet dared to do so? You are not alone with this fantasy, because I also dream of visiting a gay club someday and having as much sex as I can that evening. I would like to share this fantasy with you and give you an insight into my head. I hope you have as much fun as I regularly have with this fantasy. Maybe I dare mi...
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Gay men

Hot gay men stories: Finally I dare to publish them I've had some hot gay men stories saved on my PC for quite some time. They cater to different fetishes and preferences and get straight to the point. I don't like wasting time with getting to know you stories or anything else. Basically we all just want to read how someone gets a hot beating in the ass and is fucked properly. Oh well ... At least I would dare to say that most of us feel that way. That's why I've put together a few hot sex scenes for you, in which it goes straight to the point. Sure: It could be that it is too crude for one or the other. But I for my part have great movies in my head cinema, which I only too gladly repeat again and again. So if you're looking for a deep plot, you might want to look around for other authors. But I can't help it: I ma...
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Free Gay Stories

My hobby? I write free gay stories Others might take money for this, but - not me. I would feel bad charging money for something I enjoy so much. Most of the Free Gay stories I've written over the years have actually happened to me that way. And that's probably why I find them so awesome. I often find myself getting a boner while I'm writing. Simply because it makes me so horny to remember. One of the best Free Gay stories, I think, I want to share with you here. It comes from my category "Actually so happened" and takes place in "my gay cinema" around the corner. I am a frequent guest here. Not because I do not know that there are also many horny porn on the net, but rather because I appreciate the basic horny atmosphere. I like the mixture of the smell of disinfectant, sweat and sex. I find ...
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Gay slaves history

My little gay slave story My partner and I have a special kind of relationship. Maybe it would even be wrong to call our partnership a "love relationship", but rather to describe it as a "gay slave story". But: We can't do without each other either. Maybe it is a kind of love-hate relationship? But we have one thing in common: The love of satisfying our fetish. Here we can help each other wonderfully. He usually comes to visit on weekends. Sometimes we also spend the entire week together. This is usually the case when he has vacation. I love to integrate a slave into my everyday life and always get the material for a new gay slave story. His last vacation lasted a week. I, on the other hand, had to go to work normally and was already looking forward to chastising my gay slave at home all day and having horny sex at the end. I can ...
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Horny gays

Horny gays in gay club: usually (but not always) everything goes smoothly Fancy some stories about horny gays? Then you are exactly right here! I have so many inspirations! Exactly that comes not by chance. Because: Through my profession I have been able to gather a lot of experience with gay men, without having to become active myself. Let's put it this way: Horny gays are part of my everyday professional life. Therefore, I have some hot story material that I would like to share with you at this point. Maybe I would also like to return the favor a little? After all, one or the other story here has already driven me to the edge of my sexual desire. And that's exactly why I will now also conjure up a magnificent beating in your pants with a story about horny gays. So sit back and have fun with my stories that actually happened that way. Let's start at the beginning, of course, and I'll tell you about what I did in my bed....
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Gay Stories German

Gay stories german with a lot of romance You love to read gay stories, but there are too few good gay stories german? I have an idea! Read my story! This gay story is for all who like it romantic and passionate and I would be happy if I would manage to inspire you a little bit with my writing. However, this is not the only story that is floating around in my head and that - by the way - is completely true! I have written many gay stories German in the past. But now we come to my favorite! It is about two men who have known each other for a long time and then lost sight of each other. But one day the two meet again and it comes to an evening full of erotic adventures. At the end there are two satisfied guys who have finally found each other. Kai and Paul were once the best of friends at school and had to break up after the 10....
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Gay ass fuck

Fancy a story around a hot gay ass fuck? I recently visited one of the numerous CSDs in NRW and was very happy to see old acquaintances and new gay assfuck faces. I had not been to a CSD for several years and was therefore very excited to see what had changed. But hardly arrived, I was quite uncomfortable. In fact, much was no longer the same ... And partly I was a little disappointed. Even back then there was a lot of partying ... No question. But sex on the open road must - in my opinion - not be. After all, among other things, many young people come to the roadside to stand up for tolerance. One can also live out a possible fetish in a hotel room. As erotic as it may be in gay porn: I don't need to watch an assfuck on the open street. All that was just too much for me and at some point I just wanted to go home. ...
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Erotic stories gay

Erotic stories Gay - I just like to write (and cum) Some watch gay porn, others often hang out at weekends at relevant gay cruising locations. But I find my kick in a different kind of "hobby". I love to write erotic stories Gay. Some of them really happened to me, for others I started the sexy mental cinema. I often write according to the motto "one can still dream". Especially often my erotic stories deal with gay threesomes. I find the idea to satisfy two men at the same time or to be satisfied by them simply horny. So far, however, I have not dared to make out with two guys at the same time. This may sound a little strange to one or the other, but it is so. I'm afraid that something is expected of me, which I can not offer. That's why "in real life" so far everything remained in the classic two-man constellation. But...
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Hot gay stories for him

Are you passionate about writing gay stories but haven't found a suitable platform to publish them yet? Maybe you just want to know what's on other guys' minds and let your imagination run wild?
Either way, you've come to the right place! On this site you will find everything that stimulates your imagination. Sometimes hard, sometimes tender, but always authentic!
Which stories exactly await you here? There are no standards here! You will find on our pages everything that has to do with the "most beautiful thing in the world". From anal sex to blow jobs, role-playing and BDSM, just about everything is represented here. What are you waiting for? Do you feel like diving in?

What are our gay stories about?

Gay stories can be as versatile as their writers. In the vast majority of stories that you will find on our pages, the action is hot. Just choose a story that you can identify with the most.

You want to read about a man who likes to hang out at gay cruising locations in the evening? Maybe you are also interested in how a long-time couple in gay cinema tries to make their relationship hotter again? Or do you feel like a classic one man show, which you might try out yourself while reading?

You see: It is difficult to speak of ONE topic. The world of gay sex is much too varied for all the beautiful "trivialities" to be broken down into one denominator.

Are our gay stories fictional or real?

"Based on a true incident...", or is it? At the latest after reading a hot gay story you might ask yourself if all that was fictional or if the protagonist really had the orgasm of his life at the gang bang. But is that what you really want to know? Isn't it much more erotic to imagine, for example, that exactly THAT could have happened to the guy sitting across from you in the café right now?
In short: It is simply up to you whether you ascribe a true origin to the actions or not. Likewise, you can decide whether - after you have experienced an orgasm with one of the protagonists - you feel like looking for a man with whom you can perhaps even begin to reenact what you have read.

How do you make stories especially fun?

Actually, you have many possibilities to enjoy the numerous gay stories from our archive. Between "reading-quickie" to "bath-tub-pleasure" a lot is allowed here. And: Who knows what you're reading when you've made yourself comfortable on the bus?
For the romantics and epicures: Take enough time and make yourself comfortable on the couch or in bed. A small snack and a warm drink will round off the mood. After that, maybe you'll get down to business, too?
And: Especially our horny gay stories are an ideal mood setter for passionate hours for two (or with several people). Just try it out!
Don't worry! Since our collection is always growing, there is certainly something for everyone. If you have a sexual fantasy that you can't find in our archive yet, you can of course get creative yourself. Often the authors are overcome by passion - in the truest sense of the word - when writing.

Send us your gay story!

You have a hot fantasy in the back of your mind that you not only want to enjoy while masturbating, but rather share with the world? No problem! Of course you can also send us your story.
In general: the hotter, the better. We are looking forward to your letters.


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