Gay eroticism in the orgies variant

Gay erotic

So you are into horny gay erotic scenes and enjoy hot gay erotic action? Then you should like an insight into my profession very much. Because: I work with a local event company and organize gay erotic parties. Here, my offer is not only designed for large events. Private individuals can also make use of our services in a small setting.

We offer extremely many services around gay eroticism and many of my acquaintances envy me my job. However, I would like to directly clear up a misunderstanding: sex with my employees (or me) is not possible. Strictly speaking, this would even be a reason for dismissal, since we do not want to offer sex as a service. For this, there are other option(s) that can be used.

We take care that public and private parties will always have an erotic flair. We provide dancers, caterers and other entertainers who will heat up the party with skimpy outfits. Guests can do virtually anything they want among themselves. Especially private parties escalate more often and my employees are then used to discreetly disappear into the background so that they are not involved or unnecessarily harassed.

One of the last private events was particularly hot. In the end, everything ended with an orgy involving around 20 men. But everything went harmlessly and my staff were left completely alone. In fact, the situation was so relaxed that my staff was asked if they could keep track a bit and distribute condoms.

I myself helped out that evening, because many of my coworkers were sick and yet there was a lot to do (is somehow always so). We looked after the private theme party and also provided not only for hot men, but also for the appropriate catering and decoration.

This private party was titled "Gay Erotic in Fairyland" and we did our best to live up to the motto. The enthusiasm of our customer was great and he was also pleased that the "living decoration" looked so appealing. After that, the party started harmlessly at first and escalated only little by little. Gay eroticism can just build up slowly.

Gay eroticism running rampant at Fairyland orgy

In the first hours, we had a lot to do in the area of catering and entertainment. Already at dinner the first sexual touches were exchanged and when the dance troupe did their hot striptease, it got hotter and hotter for the rest of the visitors. Everyone was well buzzed and the guys knew how to make men really hot. After all, I had hired them for this reason.

They moved through the premises as magicians and sexy mythical creatures and heated up the guests. We got a lot of compliments on the food that night and also the aesthetics of the staff, which made me especially proud because my team and I take great care that the men blend in visually.

The party was boisterous and first everyone ate, danced and drank. The mood got better with each hour and also more intimate. At some point the room was filled with sexual electricity and everyone could slowly estimate what would happen next.

We continued to serve drinks and food. In the background, the booked show was running, which included petting in clothes and other turn-on scenes. This seemed to inspire the company with pleasure. More and more men began to indulge in their lust and could not keep their hands to themselves. Some were already groping each other intensely under their clothes. It did not take too long and I saw many naked bodies, some of which were intertwined.

No matter where I looked, there was hot and horny gay erotic action everywhere. Most were still taking care of their tablemate's erection at this point. Many passionate kisses were exchanged, naked male bodies were explored with their hands and some were already diligently giving blowjobs and rimjobs.

This was then also the moment when the host approached me and asked me that my employees take a little care that it did not escalate too violently and that enough condoms were available.

That night I also had a new employee join the roster so he could see directly what it is like to work as a gay erotic staff.

He did quite well and I gave him the task of supplying the guests with condoms while they were busy with each other, ... After all, we were asked for this extra service. Meanwhile, I made sure that the decorations and food remained intact and edible. In the meantime, my coworkers told me what was going on outside.

One described a gang bang scene in which six men focused on one man and virtually "shared" him. Always another man took him through. Sometimes gently and slowly and then he was fucked again violently. This went on until all men had cum on him. However, the guy seemed to be insatiable. Because: When all were finished, he made his way to the next group.

The newcomer was fascinated by the fact that there seemed to be men who loved having their butts stretched so far that even a fist could fit inside. He had observed three men wearing their sexual partner as a "wristwatch", which one had jokingly said to him.

At some point I became curious. I had to go out once myself and could then also catch a glimpse of what was happening. I had already quickly discovered the scenes described, but there was so much more to look at. There were some men who cleared the tables aside so that they had enough space on the floor to fuck. They didn't seem to care at all who they were in. The main thing was that they could fuck a horny tight asshole at all.

On the chairs, the men also became active. They grabbed their table neighbors, pulled them onto their laps and thrust violently and courageously. Everywhere it clapped and groans could be heard. Everyone present seemed to have the fun they had been longing for.

In a separate room, men could sit down and watch the gay erotica and the action in the main room via monitor. After some time they let other men come and enjoy a blowjob while they continued to look at the screens. After that the men had to leave the room again.

The gentlemen were probably very greedy that evening. Because I actually had to go out again and buy condoms. The guests let themselves go for hours and we were partly very surprised about the steadfastness of some visitors and how they could still lay their pipe after so many times.

But as already indicated: Everything remained peaceful. The next day, my client praised me for our professionalism and promised to book me or us again for sure in the near future.


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