Sex meeting gay

My sex meeting gay in gay club Somehow every meeting in a gay club turns into a sex meeting, doesn't it? At least that's how I feel. I can't remember any visit where I would have left unsatisfied. On the contrary! Often I am part of orgies. When I arrive at my favorite club, I take things slow. I'm not someone who jumps on the first guy. My location is open until midnight. Why should I rush anything? That's how it was on the day when what was probably the hottest sex meeting gay ever took place. I stripped down to my boxers and made my way to the bar. First drink something! The guy behind the bar already knew me and greeted me nicely. "Somehow it's dead here today!", he said. I liked him. Not sexually, but in a different way. You could talk to him. At some point I spotted two guys who were about to eat. That's what I loved about this gay club: there was IM...
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Gay stories free

Enjoy gay stories for free? I can help Do you know this problem? You are looking for a horny or romantic gay story for free, but at some point a window pops up with a payment request that you have to accept in order to continue reading? Such stories are not to my taste. If I want to read a gay story, then please do it for free. After all, it works here too. That's why I decided to upload my gay stories for free on this site or send them in. In my story today it is romantic AND hot. For all of you who are looking for hot assfucking action, this means: Definitely read to the end! But first I want to warm your hearts and tell about two young men who get closer during their training. Let the story begin on a crisp autumn morning. Karl has just completed his apprenticeship and his first block of school. Nu...
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Gay blowjob

My favorite hobby? Gay blowjob! Hello my dear gay community and first of all a big compliment to the many creative writers. I have read many stories here that have inspired my head cinema. I have always thought that I am quite perverted and have kept my hobby discreet and secret. But after reading about your fisting experiences and the many horny threesomes, I feel relatively "harmless". Anyway, I no longer feel like the pervert in my homosexual circle of friends. Through you I found the courage to report about my regular sex adventures on different gay cruising hotspots and in gay clubs. On weekends I go through a real metamorphosis, shed my alter ergo and mutate into an exquisite bellows with the best technique you have ever felt on your cock. The whole thing is not meant to sound pleasing or arrogant, but so far I have given everyone a sprit...
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ManForMan Gay Stories

MannFuerMann Gay stories I enjoy erotic writing Hello dear gays and all who are interested in romantic stories! I recently had a wonderful first date and this beautiful man for man gay story, I would like to share with you. It should show that everything can be possible if you just dare to take the initiative. My MannFuerMann gay story is about my potential partner Georg and me (Sven). It all started when I had to buy some equipment for my new hobby, football. I liked the tryout and somehow the position as quarterback seemed to suit me. I made no secret of my gayness. Of course, I didn't barge in, but when many talked about their girlfriends and asked me, I said that I was currently single and if I was, I was interested in men. However...
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Gay Escort Munich

My experience with Gay Escort Munich I can highly recommend you to keep your eyes and ears open with regard to Gay Escort Munich ... And as far as possible independent of the local provider. When I am on the road in Munich on business, I like to order a gay escort boy to my hotel room. Again and again I look for a handsome young man who looks good next to me and can take me really hard. I just love it when I am really blown. Therefore, two to three gay escort boys are also welcome to drop by. Just because I am 53, that does not mean that I would be sexually rusty. I belong rather to the category "The older, the harder" ... My husband works in a home office. He knows about my meetings in Munich and the other cities. If the guys allow it, my partner watches via video chat and I can watch him jerk off with pleasure. That's how it should be this evening too....
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Gay dildo sex

I had gay dildo sex with guy from sex store A visit to a sex store can turn into a sexual adventure if you do it right and the right person happens to be present. I visit gay clubs and saunas more often, because I always get a desire for hot sex in the relaxed atmosphere there. In one of these locations I discovered my preference for horny gay dildo sex. And that's exactly why I wanted to finally get my own dildo for home. Either for lonely hours or variety on an erotic date. Very close to my apartment is an erotic store and wanted to get advice. I entered the store, looked directly for a seller and told him what I was looking for. We went to the department with the dildos and he could only give me information about length and function. I was not angry with him, but I wanted more detailed information. He had another customer to talk to.
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Man by man gay stories

Man by man gay stories straight out of college For a long time I have wondered whether or not to publish my sexy man for man gay stories. Many of my friends regularly tell me that they find my stories stimulating. Even the heterosexual men around me tell me that funny feelings arise in them when they read my man for man gay stories. That is why I have now found the courage to publish my stories little by little. Some are hotter than others. Maybe these stories are ideal material for your fantasies? I would be happy if I could make one or the other unknown a joy with it. The first of many man for man gay stories is about two fellow students who discover "strange feelings" in themselves and first have to find out what this "chaos in the head is all about. I'm not going to beat around the bush any longer and get straight to the...
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Gay Erotic Stories

Gay Erotic Stories: Let me get creative for you! Hello everybody. I always read here these horny experiences that you all have collected in your life. Unfortunately, I have rarely been part of sex dates. But my head cinema has already some ideas of gay erotic stories and how the ideal sex would look like for me. I not only imagine myself being fucked or fucking a little asshole, but also the scenario of how the situation came about. This creates horny gay erotic stories in my head, which I like to take as a jerk-off template. At some point I decided to write down these stories. And now I would like to share them with you. Maybe you have as much fun with them as I do? Because of course I don't only want to heat up my head cinema, but yours as well. I spun this story after my first time with a man. The sex was not the ...
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Gay men stories

Fancy a romantic nostalgic gay men story? Hello my dear gays! I have a wonderful gay men story to tell, which has been lying dormant on my hard drive for quite some time and is now finally ready to see the light of day. It is about my grandpa's brother and a former fellow student. My "Gronkel", as I always called him as a child, was a loving family man and always open-minded and tolerant of everyone. At a family party, I outed myself as gay, which particularly upset my father and grandpa. My mother was not thrilled, but immediately said that she would love me no matter what and that the men would have to calm down first. My Gronkel, on the other hand, took me warmly in his arms and affirmed what a great person I was and that I should enjoy my life with pride. He also barked at my grandfather when he said that I should maybe take a look at my...
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Hot gay stories for him

Are you passionate about writing gay stories but haven't found a suitable platform to publish them yet? Maybe you just want to know what's on other guys' minds and let your imagination run wild?
Either way, you've come to the right place! On this site you will find everything that stimulates your imagination. Sometimes hard, sometimes tender, but always authentic!
Which stories exactly await you here? There are no standards here! You will find on our pages everything that has to do with the "most beautiful thing in the world". From anal sex to blow jobs, role-playing and BDSM, just about everything is represented here. What are you waiting for? Do you feel like diving in?

What are our gay stories about?

Gay stories can be as versatile as their writers. In the vast majority of stories that you will find on our pages, the action is hot. Just choose a story that you can identify with the most.

You want to read about a man who likes to hang out at gay cruising locations in the evening? Maybe you are also interested in how a long-time couple in gay cinema tries to make their relationship hotter again? Or do you feel like a classic one man show, which you might try out yourself while reading?

You see: It is difficult to speak of ONE topic. The world of gay sex is much too varied for all the beautiful "trivialities" to be broken down into one denominator.

Are our gay stories fictional or real?

"Based on a true incident...", or is it? At the latest after reading a hot gay story you might ask yourself if all that was fictional or if the protagonist really had the orgasm of his life at the gang bang. But is that what you really want to know? Isn't it much more erotic to imagine, for example, that exactly THAT could have happened to the guy sitting across from you in the café right now?
In short: It is simply up to you whether you ascribe a true origin to the actions or not. Likewise, you can decide whether - after you have experienced an orgasm with one of the protagonists - you feel like looking for a man with whom you can perhaps even begin to reenact what you have read.

How do you make stories especially fun?

Actually, you have many possibilities to enjoy the numerous gay stories from our archive. Between "reading-quickie" to "bath-tub-pleasure" a lot is allowed here. And: Who knows what you're reading when you've made yourself comfortable on the bus?
For the romantics and epicures: Take enough time and make yourself comfortable on the couch or in bed. A small snack and a warm drink will round off the mood. After that, maybe you'll get down to business, too?
And: Especially our horny gay stories are an ideal mood setter for passionate hours for two (or with several people). Just try it out!
Don't worry! Since our collection is always growing, there is certainly something for everyone. If you have a sexual fantasy that you can't find in our archive yet, you can of course get creative yourself. Often the authors are overcome by passion - in the truest sense of the word - when writing.

Send us your gay story!

You have a hot fantasy in the back of your mind that you not only want to enjoy while masturbating, but rather share with the world? No problem! Of course you can also send us your story.
In general: the hotter, the better. We are looking forward to your letters.


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