Gay old men and their preferences

Do you know this saying, always these gay old men? If you knew what these men have everything so on it. So here's a little story out of the sewing box, for the young guys or for all those who believe that gay old men only look behind the young twinks. Apart from the fact that of course I always like to have the tight ass of a youngster in front of me. Where I enjoy having my fun with. What you should not underestimate, however, is the experience that you acquire over the years. Since one or the other young stallion, no matter how long his stamina is, can still cut off one or the other slice of it.

Experience before permanent horniness

When I have such an untamed young stallion in bed, I'm only too happy to show him the spurs and ride him in properly. Because if you know how to properly operate such a splendor penis and know how to drive the tension to the extreme. Then believe me, your testicles burst with sperm load in them. Gay old men have it so right on it, with the game of greed. For those who don't know, it's called Edgen. And believe me, that may give me pleasure to bring such a horny guy over and over again to the brink of excitement.

Already see the greed in his eyes, feel the twitching of the tail just before he squirts and then let him starve ice cold. Oh how the greed of the young twinks, then shoots up, is just wonderful to watch. It gives me really great fun. No matter whether I get down on my knees and massage the eggs or suck on them while I bring the tail over and over again until just before orgasm. Or whether I let them take me nice and hard. On that they take my rosette really hard ran, while best with their bulging limbs me still massage the prostate. Only I always make sure that they do not cum.

The greed before orgasm

Yes gay old men have it just also still fist thick behind the ears. Of course we look at fresh meat always with great enthusiasm and delight in the natural permanent horniness of youth. But above all it gives great pleasure to couple our experience with the untamed kind. Oh there emerge magnificent orgasms. Which even makes an old and experienced stallion like me still get soft knees. But I still want to tell you my absolute favorite story. This was an experience that I really enjoyed. A good friend of mine had often asked me if I would accompany her to a swingers club. Actually, I prefer to visit a good gay sauna or a sex cinema, but her to love I went with. And today I say. Fortunately, she convinced me.

Gay old men in swingers club

It was a normal evening in the club, so there was a very mixed crowd there. Until a really dressed up Strauss came to the bar. He had boasted and said he was the man in the club badly. My acquaintance also wanted to hit on him, but was rejected in a very clumsy way. So I went there. I bought him a drink and flirted with him. Until I said to him at some point.

"I bet you I can get you an orgasm like you won't get from any woman in the world."

First he said he didn't like gay old men, but I simply ignored that. On the contrary. I provoked him a little and said whether he was afraid I could get it better than his little girls. It came as it had to come, after a few more drinks we disappeared into a separee. I showed him gently and decisively what an experienced man is capable of. Whether in kissing and sensuality, passion itself. Every touch was so full of eroticism and excitement that he very quickly got the pipe of his life. And as I was used to, I used it and played with it. I sucked the glans really nice and wet and then circled and rubbed it with my hands.

Until he has become so plump that he could not help but look at me, begging with his eyes that I finally let him cum. Then I put myself behind him, massaged him and me at the same time the tail, until with both of us the desire became enormous. When I was then also so really plump, I spit my penis wet and fucked him standing up. Without stopping to do it to him with my hand, I pushed again and again into his tight firm rosette. While I fucked his ass, I worked harder and harder on his cock until we cum at the same time.

He sprayed the entire separee full and I gave him the full load in the rosette. After that we went back to the bar and he did not know what happened there. He was still the whole night with me and my acquaintance and the best, he had only eyes for me. What I of course could not resist was to ask him what he thinks about gay old men now.


Oh, it was really nice to see how he couldn't get himself together. But what was I trying to say? To all the young guys and hot bloods among you, never underestimate us gay old men. We can still teach you a lot and show you how to properly spoil such a beautiful cock and balls. Believe me, it's worth a try. And yes, most of the time we are not too shy to give you one too. Finally, we also have our satisfaction and a lot of fun through you. So always stay active and treat yourselves to gay old men.

Told by Reinhart from the Rhein-Main area - Another horny story you can find here

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