My name is Sven, my outing is quite a while ago. What I often experience since then, from many young but also sometimes older, is that they are interested in my horny gay stories. I really have to admit that I have really experienced a lot since my outing. Let's start with me. I am 23 years young, play a lot of soccer, so I am already sporty. I have brown hair and green eyes. I'm 1.82 m tall and I would say with a good 18 cm I'm not badly equipped.

At the beginning I was still very reluctant and did not know what all is possible in the world of male love. So I sat down at my computer and looked, what did I find there so everything? Saunas, cinemas, cruising, swingers clubs and even just cafes or bars especially for men who are into men. Since I thought to myself, yes here I will be able to experience many horny gay stories. That was then also so. With absolute certainty I have by far not tried everything. There will definitely still be many places and locations that I will visit, but here are a few small and short anecdotes from my time of the first attempts.

Gay sauna, it doesn't get any hotter than this in a sauna!

So there I was, in front of the gay sauna and was able to experience first horny gay stories myself. Oh man was I excited. I've always liked to go to saunas and there I imagined so many things when I saw the beads of sweat running down the bodies of the other men. But here, what would it be like? What will await me? So, full of excitement, I went inside. As warmly as I was received, the first excitement fell off my shoulders as if by itself. Everything was explained to me and I was also shown where to find what.

The lifeguard gave me a very exciting introduction and when we were done with the tour, he gave me another slap on the ass and wished me a lot of fun. There were also some attractive men in the sauna. So there was definitely a lot to choose from. But I did not expect that I would be addressed so quickly, as it came to that. A man with gray hair, tall and broadly built, came up to me. With his three days beard he looked like an actor. He went without detours to me, examined me and said.

"This is your first time here, isn't it?"
"Yes. You know your way around here well, it seems."
"Let me show you the grotto. It's a dark sauna, but it's extra hot."

I wanted to try something anyway, so of course I just went along. He didn't look bad either. When I followed him, he told me a lot about the sauna, but I actually only had eyes for his shapely ass. To look at it while walking let my erectile tissue become directly large. Then we went into the grotto, a 70 degree dark sauna. There we also immediately made out. But all at once I had felt even more hands than just his on my body.

Then he whispered in my ear that I should not think about it, but just enjoy it. And that's what I did. I really can't say how many were in there and I don't care. Because it was awesome. Kissing, getting blown and at the same time having a cock in him. To feel other hands on me again and again. I tell you, that was quite an experience. And I have some other horny gay stories.

Horny gay stories on the highway

Yes, I wanted to report on several areas that I found out. There stood then again and again Gay Cruising. And I as a newcomer in the world of male love thought to me first only. What the hell is cruising, I thought to myself. But yes curious and open as I am so, it was then also the turn and I picked out the nearest opportunity of me at home. There was then again and again that a toilet on a freeway service station is a very popular place. So I just went there.

Phew, that was unpleasant for me. I had read before loud voreile, not really what one has to consider there so. So I simply approached a man, who knew nothing of all this. Who knows whether that was a stinknormal family man. But my rather pitiful attempt was seen by a trucker. The then cord stramm towards me booted.

"Your first time cruising?" He asked in his smoky voice. I was a little intimidated by him, but just answered.
"Yes I read, here you can experience horny gay stories and not just read them."
"You got that right."

He took me with him and I was very excited. He explained to me which signs are so common. What one signaled with what. He was of course keen to unload his load in my round apple ass. And I was hot to feel how such a manly trucker would fuck me. So we disappeared into a booth and he pulled down my pants. I stretched my ass towards him and spread my ass cheeks with my hands.

"Then show me how hard you can fuck me!"

I still said to him. I didn't know yet how wildly he would get it for me. And then I had to stay quiet. There were always other visitors who should not hear anything. In any case, it was a brilliant change from nerves tickling and horny rustic sex. Since then, I indulge myself every now and then.

Horny gay stories from cinema

That's not enough, there are also cinemas, often these are integrated into sex stores with. I did not know before but that there but also so many active hot men meet to fuck. But I wanted to try something different there. According to the research on the Internet, there should be something like a glory hole. Oh yes I wanted to blow, suck cocks and swallow an evening times so really much sperm. Ifschon, dennschon was my thought. When I think about it, I was really a glutton.

Anyway, I picked out a nice location and went there in the morning, as I had planned. The cabin is not the most comfortable from the inside, but there are really many men put their tails in there. There I learned to suck them really empty. How I can spoil the glans or what I can start everything so with the creates. Never would I have thought that I would be so creative.

With spit, dry, massage, with the whole hand, with only two fingers, suck it, just lick it and so much more. Also the different sizes and especially the loads. There were some where so much came out that I am not behind with the swallow. The smaller ones I got up to the stop in my mouth and one that was so huge, I was glad that he could not grab my head and press it against him. The glans was already too big for my mouth. One thing let you be said, however, you should also try. Taste as many tails in one day as you can. After all, you're only young once.

Clubs, cafes and bars for men only.

My last little anecdote for today is probably one of the most unspectacular horny gay stories I can tell, but I think it's one of the best, because without knowing it, I met my current husband there very early on. So I was with some friends for the first time in a bar just for men. There we drank a lot and flirted, but also looked for our dates for the night. There he was a bear like my favorite. He looked like a lumberjack from Canada. Oh man I thought to myself how are you going to get him in the box today? This time it was not so easy. He was a tough nut to crack, but I really wanted to get him. In the truest sense of the word.

However, I can't even remember how I did it. One thing is for sure, I must have been very persistent, because what I can remember is the sex I still had with him that night. It was good and long. I thought it was going to be a one-night stand. But in the end it turned into a great friendship with lots of sex adventures and even a marriage in the end. This is not necessarily material for horny gay stories, love may also occur, right?

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