Who will be Mr. Gay Germany 2023 this year?

Last Thursday, the gala "G-A-Y: Mr Gay Germany" took place in Cologne. Host Jochen Schropp, who had co-hosted the finale with Promi Big Brother a day earlier, also led through the evening. Among others, many well-known faces of the scene were on site.

For example, Sam Dylan, Lars Tönsfeuerborn and Kim Tränka visited the event. But also many people who do not directly belong to the community, such as ex-Bachelor participant Eva Benetatou, felt comfortable.

It will be particularly exciting from December 16, 2023, when the Mr. Gay Germany election goes into the next round. Anyone who has been part of the scene for a while knows that this is precisely what cannot be taken for granted. "In the past" it would certainly have been unthinkable for many to imagine that the well-known Mr. Germany competition would once focus on diversity. But times have changed.

Who will be Mr. Gay Germany

The Mr. Gay Germany election: A look at the marginal data

A total of twelve candidates will compete for the title of Mr. Gay Germany. They will be competing in various challenges for the coveted title. It's not just about looks, but also about personality and standing up for the community.

The whole thing will definitely not be boring for the viewers either. In line with the election, there is also a documentary series, which is accompanied by Joyn. Within the framework of said documentary, the participants will be accompanied until the final.

The names of those who have made it onto the jury are also likely to be familiar to many. Among them is Aaron Königs, who was crowned Mr. Gay Germany in 2016 and has also appeared in various TV formats, such as "The Mole" or "Promi Big Brother". He wore his classic yellow again at the party in Cologne, this time without a belly. Other jury members are the reigning Mr. Gay Germany Max Appenroth, Jochen Schropp and Leon Content.

As different as the participants in the next Mr. Gay Germany election may be, they have one thing in common: the goal of ensuring more equality and tolerance. Among other things, they are campaigning against age discrimination in the community and for the rights of rainbow families. The twelve who will now get their big chance were selected from hundreds of candidates. They differ in appearance, age and character and show once again how diverse the community has become.

Where can you follow the Mr. Gay Germany election?

The Mr. Gay Germany election will be a bit more present this time than it used to be. The party in Cologne proved once again that there will definitely be no lack of fun, diversity and colorful content. And of course, the focus this year is once again on conveying important messages that affect not only the community, but undoubtedly the entire world. On December 16, 2022, it starts on Joyn directly with a double episode.

There are ten episodes in total. A new episode is broadcast every Friday.
The decision to make the election for Mr. Gay Germany a little more popular in this way was welcomed by many - including on social networks. This is about much more than "just" putting the spotlight on a "beauty contest.

Instead, we can only hope that more people will continue to be inspired by the important messages represented by the individual candidates - regardless of who ultimately gets to call themselves "Mr. Gay Germany 2023".


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