Gay sex is no longer punishable in Singapore

Singapore is also currently taking a step in the direction of "more tolerance". Gay sex is no longer a punishable offense here. Nevertheless, there is a small drop of bitterness. Marriage for all is still not permitted. Nevertheless, the changes are definitely moving in the right direction. Queer people in Singapore now have to live at least a little less in fear ... and that should also be reflected in the everyday life of the community.

The abolition of the old law is described as "long overdue" by many members of the community, but also by its supporters. It took a long time until the parliament decided to go new ways here. Now, however, the time has come ... and many queers in Singapore are looking forward to a somewhat more tolerant future.

Gay sex is now legal in Singapore

The original law came from the colonial era

The law that criminalized sex between same-sex couples dates back to colonial times and is therefore very old. The new regulations stated that sex between two men is allowed in the future if it is consensual. This is therefore no longer a crime.

The parliament's decision has made big waves - both inside and outside the community. However, several people who have long advocated for queer rights described the latest policy decision as "overdue." At the same time, they said, it was a significant "milestone" and a statement "... that state-sanctioned discrimination has no place in Singapore."

It remains to be seen whether Singapore will also rethink in other respects in the future. Because:...

Marriage for all remains prohibited

And this is exactly what bothers many people who had actually hoped that the new law would also usher in a completely new era of tolerance and equality. Interestingly, parallel (!) to the new law, an amendment to the constitution was also passed ... and it is less queer-friendly. According to it, marriage is still only a construct between a man and a woman.

As a supplement, those responsible state that the traditional definition plays a particularly important role here. And this definition refers to the partnership between a man and a woman. In addition, the acting Minister of Family Affairs, Masagos Zulkifli, noted that there are currently no plans to no longer adhere to this tradition.

It is self-explanatory why many queers inside and outside Singapore are now of the opinion that there would have been room for improvement here. Furthermore, there is also the assumption that by sticking to tradition, those who would have been upset about the decision to abolish the old law from colonial times should be appeased.

Gay sex is now legal in Singapore

What does Singapore society think about queers?

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said in an official statement on the law change that Singapore society's attitude toward queers had "shifted noticeably" over time. In the city-state, as in any humane society, there would be homosexuals. These people, too, would want to live their own lives and participate in the community. They are colleagues, friends and family members.

At the same time, however, it should not be forgotten that Singapore is a city state with a religious and conservative character. That's why it's important to find the right way to reconcile everything. In the meantime, the first voices have already been raised that Lee Hsien Loong would not be interested in ever pushing through marriage for all. However, for many it is now time to rejoice about the current step towards "more equality".


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