Diversity to be celebrated at the 2024 European Championship

After the World Cup is before the European Championship. In 2024, the time has come: The soccer tournament will take place in Germany. However, many things will be different here than they were in Qatar. The Lord Mayor of Cologne and several organizers of the European Championship agree on this.

People's expectations of the various events are high. And once again, of course, the question arises as to whether the "summer fairy tale" will be repeated. After the men's elimination from the World Cup, the mood among many soccer fans is subdued. By 2024, however, things should have recovered.

The 2024 European Championship will be federal and diverse

Philipp Lahm and other organizers of the European Championship visit Cologne

Recently, organizers and organizers of the European Championship 2024 were guests in Cologne. According to a report in the Kölner Stadtanzeiger, the event - according to Philipp Lahm - will unite people "in a democratic country". It is about the "joy of sport", but also about "diversity" and about showing that everyone is welcome. And it is precisely these factors, he said, that distinguish Cologne.

For the 2024 European Championship, the eyes of the world will be on the city with the cathedral. A total of five European Championship matches will be played here in the summer. European Championship ambassador Célia Šašić, who - like Lahm - also played for the national team, added that one of the aims was to celebrate "our values.

The 2024 European Championship will be federal and diverse

Henriette Reker sees the European Championship in Germany as an opportunity

The fact that the 2022 World Cup will be held in Qatar is a negative thing for many people. The main points of criticism include discrimination against women and homosexuals, but also the fact that many guest workers who built the stadiums in the desert state died due to working conditions and a lack of security.

Henriette Reker, the Lord Mayor of the City of Cologne, emphasized in this context that the decision to hold the 2024 European Championship in Germany was an opportunity to "straighten out" the image of soccer. The European Championship should be aimed at all people. It doesn't matter where the fans come from, what they look like or who they love.

Interestingly, Germany already made reference to the issue of human rights in the course of its bid for the 2024 European Championship. Among other things, the DFB declared it to be one of its goals to work more strongly against violations of human rights.

The 2024 European Championship will be federal and diverse

Soccer and homosexuality

These are two "areas" that, unfortunately, still do not go together for many people, even in the 21st century. That is why the number of footballers who come out as gay during their active career is still so low. Many assume that the "dark figure" is much higher.

However, many professional players fear that they will have to end their careers or will be given fewer opportunities if they come out as gay. A look at the actual circumstances, however, shows that fears like these are usually completely unfounded. Instead, outings show once again that the community is of course also represented in professional sports and that homosexual players are capable of exactly the same achievements as heterosexual athletes.

For some years now, more and more players from a wide range of sports have been able to stand up for themselves. National and international examples make great statements and - by the way - also encourage many other people from the community.


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