In these cases, coming out may need to be postponed

Many queers know the outing situation: Actually, you want to tell "everyone right now" that you are gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans or or or ... But somehow it feels weird. In precisely such cases, it is actually often useful to listen to the famous gut feeling. Because: Exactly that is often right when it rebels.

Of course, coming out can be liberating, fun and help you see the world through different eyes - especially if you are at peace with yourself.

However, there are some situations where it becomes clear "I'd love to later, but please not now!". The following examples help to see a little more clearly here and to understand that "postponed" is not "canceled".

This is why you should postpone your outing

Example No. 1: The basic mood is bad

An outing should not take place in the context of a family dispute. After all, if the mood is already heated, there is a high probability that the message will cause even more emotion.
It doesn't matter whether the person who wants to come out is directly involved in the dispute or not: The basic mood should be good or at least neutral.

Example #2: Too little time

The parents with whom the conversation should actually be sought are "on the go"? This is probably not the "perfect moment" to come out with, for example, "I'm gay!

They may feel backed into a corner because the other person knows they are about to say goodbye.

Example No. 3: In response to pressure

The scene wants more diversity

"Just do it already!", "Don't be such a pussy!" - many queers have probably heard sentences like these before. Mostly from the people they first confided in. If they are not queer, they may not even begin to understand how difficult it is to take this step. But for all concerned, they should be ready. When your gut is screaming "No!" it's important to wait. Eventually, the right time will come. And it will feel 100 percent right.

Example No. 4: Out of defiance

In teenage years, disputes between parents and children are often part of the game. If a teenager is thinking about "annoying" his parents, he often decides to come out hastily. However, an outing should never be used to "just" make one's point or to "scare" others during puberty.

Instead, it is important that the words with the enormous implications fall because they are important to those affected.

Example #5: Not all important people are present

If you don't want to offend anyone, have no problem with your own sexuality and are at peace with yourself, you can also plan a "major outing" in front of the whole family. This can be very liberating. After all, the "whole story" doesn't have to be told over and over again here.

But: Those who choose the large circle should make sure that, if possible, all the important people are also present. Otherwise, the likelihood is high that some people will feel upbraided because they have been "somehow excluded" and have heard the important news from third parties.

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Everyone deals with an upcoming outing differently. Ideally, your own gut feeling is a good guide when it comes to determining the appropriate time. The motto here is "Don't rush it, but don't let it hold you back either!".

After all, it is the people concerned who have to be at peace with this important step. And that is exactly what succeeds particularly well when everything fits.


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