More rights for homosexual couples in Switzerland

When you think of queers, of Germany and of the traffic light coalition, you think, among other things, of many promises. Shortly after the election, it was repeatedly emphasized that the situation for members of the LGBTQIA+ community had to improve. Above all, homosexual couples with children should benefit.

One of the biggest "construction sites": Whoever wants to adopt the biological child of the other parent as a non-biological parent belonging to a rainbow family, often needs a lot (!) of patience ... and sometimes also a reliable and well-filled financial cushion. A waiting period of several years is more the rule than the exception. And this is exactly what is supposed to change in the future. Switzerland has now shown in a certain way how it works or can work.

If the processes were also simplified in this country, it would be entirely conceivable that more couples would decide to adopt. The current status is that there could be some changes here in Germany in 2023. What will ultimately be implemented remains to be seen. What is certain is that the current Queer Commissioner of the Federal Government, Sven Lehmann, is also committed to removing legal hurdles in the future. In any case, a change in the law would be needed to make things easier in this area.

Homosexual couples in Switzerland

Switzerland continues to put homosexual couples on an equal footing with heterosexual couples

To put it flippantly, one could say that Switzerland is currently showing Germany how it's done. It was not too long ago that the National Council set the course for facilitating the adoption process. Now the Council of States has also spoken out in favor of an improvement or facilitation in connection with the adoption of stepchildren.

After the referendum in favor of "marriage for all", it is now time to take the next step. The goal: even more equal rights for homosexual couples with heterosexual couples - including in the area of adoption rights.

Of course, not only the couples but also the children should benefit in this context. Or in other words: The best interests of the child should of course also be strengthened.

Homosexual couples in Switzerland

Rainbow families and adoptions - many people are still skeptical

Those who cannot accept equality for homosexual couples when it comes to adoption and family always bring up the same "argument". Again and again they talk about the "protection of the traditional family" and that marriage is reserved for man and woman.

Some also fear that the child may suffer from being raised by "mom and mom" or "dad and dad."

In Switzerland, of course, such reservations also exist in parts of the population. But: The new legislation now makes a special statement by greatly simplifying the adoption of children in rainbow families. Particularly pleasing: The waiting periods that previously applied and had to be observed before an adoption procedure could even be initiated are now eliminated.

Accordingly, all parties involved are spared having to wait a long time for clarity. Instead, the entire process is now less complicated and certainly less stressful. Another point that should not be underestimated, especially with regard to the welfare of the child: Even if one of the two partners dies, the situation is immediately clear.

Many people view the current developments in Switzerland positively. At the same time, however, many queers ask themselves when Germany will finally "get a move on" in this context. About the fact that the traffic light wants to stand up for the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community, it has left no doubt. Now the appropriate actions are still missing.


Finally there is an end by the prohibition of "homo cures" in Switzerland

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