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Do you know this? When you're into something, but you're absolutely not sure if it's "right"? Whether you are allowed to do that? That's exactly how I feel. I have dealt extensively with ABDL stories in the past.

I found - I think it was about two years ago - that wearing diapers turned me on. At some point, I wanted clarity. I wanted to know what was "wrong with me." Because I get so turned on by the feel of the material on my skin, and I love being pampered, I even went to see a psychologist.

I was actually afraid of being a pedophile. However, my therapist gave the all-clear. He explained to me in a little more detail what ABDL stories and this very special fetish is all about. Most of them (and I have to admit, me too) are all about being taken care of more or less intensely. I love it when someone feeds me and takes care of me as if I were still young.
The sexual desire comes later. For example, I could never imagine having sex while wearing a diaper. Again, my therapist said that there are different types of ABDL stories.

Apparently, it's enough for me to just be a little needy. This kind of role play, which by the way is assigned to BDSM, comes in incredibly many facets and meanwhile I also manage to stand by myself more and more. Nevertheless, I have a hard time finding a partner. I am not looking for a relationship. But even ONS shy away when I tell them that I would like to be fed, for example.

When I meet someone who has no problem with my passion for ABDL stories, a lot of things sort themselves out. I wear the diaper on the date, for example, let me feed in the restaurant, but take it off myself before it gets down to business. After that, I become a sex partner at eye level. Maybe even with a tendency to dominance. And it is exactly the contrast that always excites me.

The start of my ABDL stories

Let's face it: In "real life" it is extremely hard to find a person who knows what ABDL is and at the same time is willing to start a little adventure. I notice this all the time. For example, when I search for ABDL stories in chats, the number of hits is almost always very clear. But every now and then I'm lucky and meet a guy who either doesn't mind that I live this fetish to a comparatively small extent or even a man who is actually willing to feed me.

Otto was such a person. I met him online in a classic gay forum. When we talked about our preferences, I opened the door. What do I have to lose? I think I was like "I'm ABDL'ler, but you won't notice it during sex. If you don't mind coddling me a little on a date and knowing I'm wearing a diaper, let's give it a try."

I can still remember his answer well. It was clear and unmistakable. "Okay," he wrote. We arranged to meet that same evening. I was wearing loose pants and my diaper underneath. Even though I once heard that some ABDL'ers like to actually fill their diaper, that very thing would never occur to me. That's why I always dutifully go to the bathroom.

We sat across from each other in the restaurant. He looked great. I felt my diaper on my skin and asked him to order for us. He would pick out the right thing. I like it when I'm kind of patronized a little bit, too. When the food arrived, he cut the pizza for me and kept feeding me. Somehow we looked like a couple head over heels in love. But we weren't. He knew I was into pampering and I enjoyed it to the fullest. At some point it was clear what was going to happen. He paid and we made our way to my apartment. Since I had already thought something like that, I had of course tidied up. I said goodbye to the bathroom, undressed - even the diaper - and came back to the living room.

Actually, I wanted to surprise him with my naked sight. It was time for a role reversal ... or at least time to leave my rather subordinate role and meet this horny guy at eye level. Therefore, I was astonished when I saw that he was already sitting naked on my couch. I had to seriously consider whether I had told him about my role change. To this day I am unsure.

When ABDL stories take a turn

As I have already written: I can do absolutely nothing with the combination of diapers and sex. I put down my "You have to take care of me" - role completely. Instead, I took care of him ... To be more precise: His cock, which had already become hard.

He slid his butt closer to the edge of the couch and I began to give him a blowjob. He held my head tightly. Not too, but just already firmly. I played with my tongue on his glans and heard how he began to moan loudly. In the meantime, I was already afraid that he would come. Therefore, he should now get a little break. I sat down on the floor in front of him and looked at him. At the same time I began to jerk off. I wanted to show him my steadfastness and became faster and faster. While doing so, I fixed him with my eyes without moaning even once. He seemed to be really impressed.

Maybe after a minute, he was probably also afraid that I would cum prematurely in my ABDL stories.

That's why he knelt in front of me and practically invited me to penetrate him by pulling his buttocks apart. You can't ask me twice for something like that. I slipped on a rubber and pushed. He moaned and I'm sure I heard a "Give it to me!". I got faster and faster and at the same time massaged his testicles from the side.

No question about it: this guy would come in a minute. And I would take him there. This time, however, I didn't want to make himwait too long for my ABDL stories . I'm not an inhuman, after all. Therefore, I continued ... until he splashed in front of my couch.

After that it was my turn. He gave me a really good blow job and I came in his mouth. No question: We both really understood each other right away. In the chat we had already talked about the fact that neither of us had any desire for a relationship. Even this sex experience did not change our attitude. But: If I should actually "settle down" someday, I would want to have exactly such a guy. A man who accepts my fetish, but at the same time doesn't make a big fuss about it. I am glad that I have now managed to stand by myself and my fetish.

Even though the ABDL stories fetish is not too strong, I have thought about it a lot in the past. But my therapist actually explained it quite appropriately: I'm not doing anyone any harm by wearing diapers. I'm not restricting anyone and I'm experiencing the whole thing for myself. This is by no means about children, but about the diaper as a symbol of "being taken care of". Many older people also wear diapers because sometimes they can't take care of themselves alone. And I just love exactly this feeling of being healthy and yet cared for.

My friends don't know about my ABDL stories preference. Many of them would probably play the hobby psychologist and come to talk about the divorce of my parents. I wouldn't even go that far. And fortunately, no date has ever wanted to talk to me about such things.


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