Love at first sight

Do you believe in love at first sight? The idea of love at first sight has always fascinated people and inspired numerous novels, movies and poems. But is it more than just a romantic fantasy? In this article, we will explore the question, "Do you believe in love at first sight?" We will explore different perspectives and arguments to better understand this fascinating phenomenon. What is love at first sight? Love at first sight is a romantic notion in which two people meet for the first time and immediately feel a deep, passionate attraction for each other. This idea has many interpretations, from a sudden feeling of familiarity to an inexplicable bond that connects the two. There are also stories of couples who claim to have fallen in love in this way. The reasons for believing in love at first sight People,...
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Free Gay Stories

Fancy some free gay stories? Again and again I experience that I read a stimulating gay story and then, as soon as it gets hot to the point, the hint appears that one should please pay to be able to continue reading. I find this impossible and have therefore made it my mission to put free gay stories online. I have the impression that I am exactly right on this page. For a long time I have been thinking about and collecting homoerotic stories that should get the blood pumping and maybe make you want to read more. The following story is one of my personal favorites and I hope you have a lot of fun with one of my Free Gay Stories. Whether these stories are true or fictional is something I don't like to reveal, after all, everyone should have their own interpretation. On a warm summer night at the bathing lake Kevin had made himself comfortable with his colleagues. For a long time he had a strange...
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ABDL Stories

ABDL Stories - I am looking for like-minded people. Do you know this? When you're into something, but you're absolutely not sure if that's exactly "right"? Whether you are allowed to do that? That's exactly how I feel. I have dealt extensively with ABDL stories in the past. I found - I think it was about two years ago - that wearing diapers turned me on. At some point, I wanted clarity. I wanted to know what was "wrong with me." Because I get so turned on by the feel of the material on my skin, and because I love being pampered, I even went to see a psychologist. I was actually afraid of being a pedophile. However, my therapist gave the all-clear. He explained to me in a little more detail what ABDL stories and this very special fetish is all about. Most of them (and I have to admit, me too) are all about being taken care of more or less intensely. I love it when someone feeds me and takes care of me, as if I were...
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Gay men

Hot gay men stories: Finally I dare to publish them I've had some hot gay men stories saved on my PC for quite some time. They cater to different fetishes and preferences and get straight to the point. I don't like wasting time with getting to know you stories or anything else. Basically we all just want to read how someone gets a hot beating in the ass and is fucked properly. Oh well ... At least I would dare to say that most of us feel that way. That's why I've put together a few hot sex scenes for you, in which it goes straight to the point. Sure: It could be that it is too crude for one or the other. But I for my part have great movies in my head cinema, which I only too gladly repeat again and again. So if you're looking for a deep plot, you might want to look around for other authors. But I can't help it: I ma...
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First gay sex

This is what my first gay sex looked like I'm 36 years old... And I'm relatively sure that you would have expected a different age group when you read the headline. But: What am I supposed to gloss over my life story? I knew I was gay when I was 20, but I never dared to admit it. On the contrary! I actually always had a girlfriend. More as an alibi. No one suspected that I would be into guys. But it was like that. I watched gay porn and remember one time one of my partners caught me doing it. God, it was embarrassing! I stammered something about "I thought this was 'normal' porn!" and felt extremely stupid myself. Anyway. Those days are over. Now I can stand by myself and live out my sexuality openly. Since I am still an absolute zero flirt technically, I decided that my first gay sex should take place with a callboy. Why not? After all, the type...
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Gay feet licking

Fetish of a different kind: gay feet licking You guys are encouraging me to talk about my own fetish. I have already read so many stories here of gays who struggle with themselves and are happy to finally stand by themselves. Now I would like to join them! My name is Mirko and I am 19 years old. Already in puberty I noticed that I have an unusual, yet widespread fetish. Already in the locker room after soccer practice I stared at the feet of my teammates. If I was ever caught doing this, I always acted as if I had just seen something funny and then got it wrong after all. The first time I had to admit to myself that I have a special fondness for feet was also during sports or in the gym. I wasn't feeling well and wanted to change and go home. So I went to the locker room by myself and changed. In the locker room was the smell of sweaty feet....
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Gay Erotica

My Gay Erotica Story: Exactly how I imagined the perfect sex Well? I hope you are all well. I am. Because: As you can already read from the headline, I actually experienced the perfect sex a few days ago. I'm currently single and I hang out at gay cruising locations from time to time. Here I "only" want to let off steam. Whether I have a quickie or a longer time with one or more guys, I do not care. Or rather, it was all the same to me. Today I know that it can be worthwhile to invest a little time in the search for the ideal ONS. It all started last weekend. I was in the mood again... Both for sex and for a little "wellness". So I decided to visit the new gay sauna in our city. I had already heard from a few guys that it should be hot here - in the truest sense of the word. My advantage: I'm single and can fuck whoever I want. Therefore must...
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Gay fetish

Gay fetish: lacquer and leather in perfection Hello dear gays. My name is Christoph (48) and I'm probably into the most clichéd gay fetish the scene has to offer. Lacquer and leather make my blood boil and touching these materials drives me wild. Besides the aesthetic aspect, I love to squeeze into vinyl clothes and experience sexual adventures in this outfit. Just recently I participated in a gay fetish meeting, where somehow everyone specialized in lacquer and leather. There I met many different gays. Everywhere the leather crunched and squeaked. It was wonderful. That night I discovered for myself another seemingly typical gay fetish: the orgy. The sight, which offers itself, if many men are on a spot and it is apparently completely indifferent, who is just with whom zugange, excites me extremely. I myself don't even know anymore how many men...
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Gay callboys

Interested in my gay callboys stories? My name is Michael and I am 52 years old. I successfully run a company that deals with IT services. I often have little time for a dating life. At the same time, I like to have a guarantee that I will get laid. Many of my co-workers don't know that I'm gay, and I want to keep it that way. In addition, I am definitely not a relationship person. I like to have horny sex regularly, but that's enough for me as an interaction with a partner. I once had an affair, but this then fell in love with me and I can not stand that at all. Then I discovered gay callboys for me and since then they are an essential part of my sexual debauchery. I do not have a permanent gay callboy. I like to be surprised. Only Chubbies and Bears are not mine, because I prefer to dominate. This works better with 1.80 m and a slim stature, if I have a...
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First time history: erotic, exciting and full of sex

You are looking for a story about the first time, in which neither the "big feelings", nor the sex come too short? Then you have found the right place to start. On our site you will find several stories from writers who enjoy writing stories about their first time.

Of course, even we don't know whether everything really happened exactly as described here. What we can tell you, however, is that it's hot here - even if it's the first time in each case.

Maybe it turns you on to read about a man who just gets his first blow job? Maybe you just like to reminisce? And maybe you want to write your own first time story?

What is special about a first time story?

Many stories published on our platform are about sex. Sure! After all, we want to make sure that our readers' pants get tighter with the corresponding stories.

First time stories, however, take a small "special position" in this context. Because: Here you can always read between the lines how insecure and erotically-interested the protagonists are.

Sometimes two men experience their first time together. Every now and then, however, it also happens that one guy is introduced to gay love by the other. No matter which story variant you choose: A happy ending is as good as preprogrammed here.

How can you best enjoy a first time story?

You decide that all by yourself. Maybe you want to make yourself comfortable on the couch with one of our stories? Maybe you read a first time story on the way home in the train to get you in the mood for your upcoming date?

Which of the stories is best for you and your particular situation depends on your personal taste.

It's best to let your eyes wander over the headlines first and then think about what might be of particular interest to you. Often, the character of the protagonist can be seen from the first sentences, for example. Some are - although it is the first time - rather daredevil. Others take things rather slowly.

Maybe you find yourself in one or the other guy again? For many, however, the atmosphere around the first time makes the appeal. The mix of uncertainty and tingling eroticism is simply very special. Both in reading and in real life.

Read the first time story together with your partner!

Your boyfriend and you have already watched quite a few gay porns and are now looking for a new thrill? No problem! Have you ever read an erotic first time story to each other?

Whether you're both naked, sitting in front of each other or reading the stories to each other on the phone is up to you, of course. Just find out what turns you on the most... And who manages to keep their hands off eachother (or each other) longer. The "game possibilities" that are offered in connection with erotic reading aloud are probably more versatile than you would assume at first.

Do you also have a first time story for us?

Every first time story that you find on our platform comes from gays from the community, who either revive "old fantasies" in them or summarize exactly what they themselves have already experienced.

Maybe you have a story that turns you on so much that you want to share it with the scene? We would love to hear from you. If you want to publish your story in this category, you should note that it must actually be a first time. If your erotic fantasy is on a different level, just take a look at our other categories.

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